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(3 hr ago) Phoenix Technologies News (Author/Huazijian) March 19, in response to Tencent's accusation of illegal authorized users of tremolo, the official said in the evening response to Phoenix Technologies that the so-called "multi-flash illegal access to users'tweets/QQ avatars and nicknames from tremolo" published by Tencent on March 19 was a rumor.
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(18 hr ago) This means that users must "pick one from two" on their nickname and profile picture on WeChat / QQ or multi-flash.
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(1 day ago) Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Xinlin District, Daxing'an Mountains, Heilongjiang Province, successfully cracked a case of online pyramid selling: illegal elements, under the banner of love and mutual assistance, defrauded money by organizing pyramid selling through Wechat Groups. More than 160 local people involved in the case alone, the police carried out investigations and visits throughout the country and recovered more than 200,000 yuan of stolen money.
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(1 day ago) Wechat Security Center today issued the "Notice on Combating Illegal Credit Activities of Wechat Individuals". According to the announcement, since 2019, according to the evidence submitted by users'complaints, more than 2500 illegal lending accounts have been processed step by step, and more than 1000 illegal lending groups have been closed down, which will be strengthened in the future.
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(2 day ago) The renamed toilet MT anonymous chat can also grab the red envelope first to look at the toilet MT first, perhaps because the name of the toilet MT is too many users spit, so the toilet MT has quietly changed its name to MT, and during this time MT also Got an upgrade.
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(2 day ago) Sina Technology Li Nan's cancellation or not cancellation has become a problem, causing extensive discussion. Unlike abandoning general Internet product accounts, in the face of QQ, even if you want to cancel, most users will probably hesitate. Looking back at the history of China's Internet development, QQ is one of the most important products.
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(3 day ago) According to the Voice of China report, WeChat has become a social software that is almost essential for everyone's mobile phones. Adding friends and leaving WeChat form has gradually become a new social etiquette in our daily life. . But setting up WeChat friends as a course, and using "1000 friends" as the assessment criteria, is really a new thing.
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(4 day ago) On March 15, Xiaohongshu began testing the LBS-based short video card product "hey". Users can enter the short video recording interface by opening the small red book App and clicking on the yellow circle in the upper left corner.
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(4 day ago) March 15, the news, Wechat recently made some changes, to see the "good-looking" renamed "look", the public number under the picture "good-looking" will also be renamed "look".
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(5 day ago) The first time I heard Zhang Xiaolong say that video dynamic is the opposite of the circle of friends, I was stunned for a moment. My first reaction was, shouldn't it be a diary: record but not share, express but not interact, and there was no social pressure.
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(5 day ago) Figure 1 Are you sure you want to cancel the QQ number? Several prerequisites for canceling the QQ account First, let's take a look at several prerequisites for canceling the QQ account. These conditions must be met in order to cancel the QQ account. First, upgrade the mobile phone QQ to the latest version (7.9.9 currently only supported by Android).
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(5 day ago) I started my first social product venture under the story of Facebook, and he had some special meaning for me. When I learned that Zuckerberg decided to learn Weixin, I felt a lot.
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(6 day ago) Recently, Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, announced plans to transform the social network. It has been pointed out that Zuckerberg's future business model is just like Weixin, a mobile social tool in China. According to the latest news from foreign media, Facebook is also trying to enter the payment field through its own encrypted currency.
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(6 day ago) The new function allows customers to send applications as well as Weixin friends, and then get enterprise-level services provided by real-name certification employees. From the perspective of employees, employees can simply and quickly transfer customers to Weixin, which is convenient for management and protects personal privacy.
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(8 day ago) Zuckerberg said publicly last October that Facebook's biggest competitor was actually Apple's iMessage. Over the past year, Facebook has experienced more than one data leak disaster. Its founder and CEO, Zuckerberg, attended congressional hearings several times. The stock price of Facebook, like a roller coaster, fell from a high of $210 to a low of $120 and gradually climbed to the current $170.
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(8 day ago) Shen Boyang, the chairman of eggshell apartment, led the British leader in the UK earlier today. He said, "what is even more frightening is that the product manager at headquarters is not aware that his product has fallen behind the ten generation of the new generation of social tools represented by WeChat".
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(10 day ago) After the tourist fills in the personal information such as the e-mail, the ticket can be purchased through WeChat. Upon completion of the payment, RATP will send a barcode to the e-mail address, and the merchant will redeem the ticket at the manual ticketing window of the subway station with the barcode. The Paris public transport system has a long history and its subway has a history of more than 100 years. There are currently 14 routes, mainly operating in the small Paris area.
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(11 day ago) In addition to recommending items through orders and collections, users can also recommend items directly to good circles in small programs. A small program developer can achieve one-click recommendation by adding a circle recommendation plug-in to the order list, product details page or other suitable scenarios.
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(12 day ago) One user wrote on Weibo: "Isn't this just WeChat?" For analysts in the technology industry, the reason for Facebook's transition to WeChat is easy to understand. Tencent's WeChat has evolved from a simple information service to a super-application that allows users to shop, taxi, take out, buy movie tickets, book restaurants and book doctors without leaving the platform.
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(12 day ago) Anti-advertising is the cornerstone of WhatsApp, but the acquisition of Facebook has completely changed its fate... Faced with the collision between ideal and reality, where is the way to realize WhatsApp?
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(12 day ago) On February 15, this year, Wechat posted its main recommendation in the App Store "Social" category. Moreover, Apple's recommendation chart is the "chrysanthemum code" that is unique to apples.
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(13 day ago) In other words, this estimate is another miracle and myth in the history of Chinese Internet. More than a month ago, crying and shouting all kinds of tidy WeChat, we must die WeChat, the result, just after the end of the year, how do you first finish playing?
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(14 day ago) "Because of Wechat, chewing gum sales dropped by 30%!" A piece of data from the TV program "Finance and Economics Brownie's Eye" made many people suddenly realize that due to the popularity of smartphones and the rapid development of mobile payment, chewing gum, originally used to pass the time and replace change, is losing its popularity.
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(14 day ago) Early this morning, yinghoo-tech was surprised to find that the "shopping list" embedded under the small program search bar had become a "good thing circle" and that the UI inside had been greatly adjusted.
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(14 day ago) Recently, the original "my shopping list" in Weixin has been replaced by "good circle". The purchase behavior of friends in Weixin applet system can be recommended and viewed. Users can use "good circle" to achieve:
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(14 day ago) After starting this function, with the user's consent, the third-party widget used by the user can access the order and item information of the user in the widget (hereinafter referred to as "import information") in the form of an interface to facilitate the user's unified view under this function; users can also interact with friends and publish information on the contents of the third-party widget under this function.
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(14 day ago) Recently, Wechat Payment has internally tested the "Friends Membership" function. This function mainly provides member preferential support for small and medium-sized businesses using Wechat to collect accounts. In short, the introduction of this function will further assist businesses to reach the old users and provide a more convenient way for business users to operate. This also means that in the online payment scenario, WeChat pays a more "capital" against Alipay.
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(15 day ago) Goffs said that as long as the IP address is searched, anyone can access the database at will, and the user profile is stored with the photo, address and location data. The primary database transfers data to 17 other servers based on the source of the data. He said, "The data can be easily accessed online and is worrying.
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(15 day ago) In 2018, Wechat promoted 22.35 million jobs, of which small programs became "big employers" and 182,000 jobs; Wechat brought all kinds of jobs, such as development, operation, sales, service and management, with lower and lower threshold and help for key groups; with the advent of the era of intellectual entrepreneurship, employment became more flexible, and small and micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs became "big winners". Third-party service providers get more revenue through Wechat. For more highlights, see the following picture:
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(16 day ago) Recently, some netizens found that they sent in WeChat through special sentence + person name, and then through the translation function of WeChat to translate English to Chinese, the results were unexpected. Specifically, when the netizen enters youaresoKriswu, the translation result is really cute for you, and when the netizen enters you aresotfboys, the result is really good for you.
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