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(2 hr ago) In retrospect, from the initial optimistic valuation of $200 billion to $100 billion, and in the middle of the 84 requests from the Securities Regulatory Commission, they were forced to withdraw their CDR applications. Until Xiaomi’s Hong Kong IPO roadshow, Lei Jun was rather dissatisfied, “it’s not even worth US$55 billion. Value?” complained.
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(14 hr ago) Millet, a Chinese smartphone maker, has just decided to reward the company founder and chief executive, Lei Jun, worth about $1 billion 500 million, which is the largest executive bonus in history.
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(14 hr ago) News of the new Beijing News (reporter Yang Lizhaowei) "ten years in the next ten years, millet company's IOT (Internet of things) business is expected to reach 40%-50%," June 23rd, millet company chairman and CEO Lei Jun in Hongkong millet prospectus meeting, in the end is the millet is Hard Suits Inc or Internet Co questions, he said, "not entangled millet Is it a Internet Co or Hard Suits Inc? We are a unique company.
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(14 hr ago) In June 23rd, millet held a global sale news conference at the Four Seasons Hotels in Hongkong. Millet founder Lei Jun, founder and President Lin Bin, co founder Li Wanqiang, Hong Feng, Liu De, Wang Chuan and CFO weeks received the attendance of the seven executives, Lei Jun delivered a speech, and with several executives in the scene to answer the Chinese and foreign. Media questions.
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(17 hr ago) In the picture, the thunder army C appeared. From left to right are: Wang Chuan, Li Wanqiang, Zhou Shou Zi, Lei Jun, Lin Bin, Hong Feng and Liu De. From the details of the appearance, Lei Jun should use the white version of millet MIX 2S, while the millet 8 exploration edition has the highest rate of appearance among several executives. Can you see what millet phones they use?
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(17 hr ago) It is reported that Li Jiacheng, chairman of the director of the Alibaba group, Ma Yun of the Alibaba group, chairman and chief executive of Tencent Inc holding board and chief executive Ma Huateng are all millet IPO in their personal identity, and the amount varies from tens of millions of dollars to billions of dollars. It is understood that Xiaomi IPO has been sought after during the roadshow in Hong Kong. Not only has the agency subscribed enthusiastically, it has been substantially raised on the first day, but there are also a number of top entrepreneurs.
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(17 hr ago) It is reported, millet IPO during the Hong Kong road show, the agency subscribed enthusiastically, the first day is the undersubscriber of the underwriters to subscribe, a large number of ultra - raised, a group of top entrepreneurs in succession, for the millet platform. According to investors who participated in Xiaomi IPO, millet will be priced at Hongkong IPO in June 29th, not later than the beginning of July.
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(19 hr ago) The millet landing port board, will issue 2 billion 180 million shares, the price range of HK $17 -22 Hong Kong Hong Kong dollars per share, the corresponding valuation is $55 billion to $70 billion, the stock code is "1810.HK", is expected to be officially listed in July 9th.
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(19 hr ago) However, the moderator gave millet accurate listing time: July 9th. In June 25th, the -28 day offered a stock offering and was priced in June 29th. Millet Stock Code: 1810, meaning 18 years listed, 10 years of creation. Is the thunder force's skyprice equity incentive reasonable? Millet prospectus shows that in April 2018, the company's Smart Mobile Holdings Limited, which was controlled by Lei Jun, issued 63959619 shares of B common stock at a price of 1599 US dollars.
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(19 hr ago) Up to now, the millet 8 series has been on sale for more than half a month. What is the sales record? This afternoon, Lei Jun announced on micro-blog that the 8 series of millet phones started in June 5th. As of today, 18 days have broken through 1 million units, and 1 million 26 thousand units have been shipped.
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(23 hr ago) On the morning of June 21, Xiaomi updated its prospectus for listing in Hong Kong and conducted an IPO roadshow for Hong Kong stocks, raising a maximum of 48 billion Hong Kong dollars. The millet landed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and said that it had issued 2.18 billion shares at a price range of 17 to 22 Hong Kong dollars per share, and the stock code was "1810.HK". It is expected to formally be listed on July 9.
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(23 hr ago) Lei Jun signed the millet prospectus book when the conference went to the question and answer session, on-site media asked: "There are many media reports, the company decided to postpone the CDR because the company's management and the Commission's views on CDR is not uniform. When will the CDR restart? ? Within six months after the IPO? What kind of time is the appropriate restart time?" Millet CFO weeks to answer the question.
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(1 day ago) Xiaomi hopes to raise up to US$6.1 billion in funds through its IPO in Hong Kong, China. According to a Wall Street Journal article, this means that Xiaomi’s stock award to Lei Jun was worth 1.38 billion to 1.79 billion U.S. dollars. A person familiar with the matter reported to the Wall Street Journal that the stocks awarded to Lei Jun will not be linked to the future performance of Xiaomi's stock, and will be unanimously approved by shareholders.
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(1 day ago) The value of millet has always been the concern of the outside world, there has been a definite message. At the investment promotion conference, the Lei Jun handed over the pricing power to the investor: "the price of 55 billion dollars, that is, I do not want to open the price, you open it." It's not worth 55 billion dollars, isn't it? " A $55 billion card was spread out.
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(1 day ago) Sina Technology News, June 22nd afternoon news, millet CEO assistant Chen Xi in micro-blog revealed the stock code for millet listing: 1810, meaning for 18 years to be listed, 10 years, also called "the first stock of young people."
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(1 day ago) This year, 61, micro-blog and well-known market research company Sano jointly issued the "2017 smartphone micro report", according to the 2017 micro-blog user active behavior data to do quantitative analysis, according to this, to continue to investigate the changes in the Chinese smartphone market pattern.
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(1 day ago) The Lei Jun has signed a sales material for Hongkong securities dealers in the millet prospectus, which shows that millet per share price is HK $17 to HK $22 per share, offering about 2 billion 180 million shares, 200 shares per hand, 4444.35 Hong Kong dollars, 370.6 billion to 479.6 billion yuan.
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(2 day ago) 7 cornerstones subscribe over 500 million US dollars, the cornerstone investors include high pass, middle mobile, Pauli, China Merchants and so on; if no excess distribution, the millet budget is up to 47 billion 951 million Hong Kong dollars.
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(2 day ago) The midfielder ran all the way, the defender was all left behind, and the unswamped millet faced the bluff goalkeeper but did not shoot, but returned the ball to his goalkeeper. This scene is not in the world cup, but in China's capital market.
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(2 day ago) Introduction: a senior investor told the first financial reporter, "the whole lunch will tell the investor why the valuation is so high, but the reason is not able to move me."
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(2 day ago) According to a foreign media report on June 20, a new survey by Universum, a talent strategy company that focuses on employer brand research, shows that Xiaomi has become one of the most wanted companies to work for after graduation. This is the first time Xiaomi has been included in the list of the most popular employers in the Youxing Consulting year. The list is based on a survey of more than 5,500 students.
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(2 day ago) With the admission fee of 4444.4 Hong Kong dollars per hand and the CDR (China Depositary Receipts Voucher) plan issued on Monday, the amount of funds raised by Xiaomi shrank. According to sales documents, Xiaomi plans to sell approximately 2.18 billion shares, of which approximately 65.3% are new shares, leaving the old shares.
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(2 day ago) China Securities Net News, millet today updated the prospectus and officially launched the roadshow. According to road show site information, millet will be issued 2 billion 179 million 585 thousand shares of B shares, of which 2 billion 70 million 605 thousand shares (about 95%) for international distribution, 108 million 980 thousand shares (about 5%) in Hongkong open sale, price range of 17-22 Hong Kong dollars, a fund of HK $370.5-479.5.
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(3 day ago) As we all know, Xiaomi has been controversial about Xiaomi’s business model, financial performance, valuation, etc. since Xiaomi released its Hong Kong and domestic prospectus for China. For this reason, the CSRC is also extremely cautious about Xiaomi’s updated CDR prospectus. For example, the official website of the CSRC previously disclosed Xiaomi CDR feedback and Xiaomi’s updated CDR prospectus.
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(3 day ago) However, the above message has not been confirmed by Xiaomi. "We are not yet clear." Some people inside Xiaomi told the "Securities Daily" reporter in the afternoon of June 20. On May 3, Xiaomi formally submitted the IPO application documents to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which is expected to become the first share of the "shares with different rights" of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
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(3 day ago) Both bets have paid off. Xiaomi is now the number one smart phone manufacturer in India and the fourth largest in the world, second only to Samsung, Apple and Huawei. India is Xiaomi’s largest market outside of China. With its promotion, international sales contributed more than a quarter of Xiaomi’s revenue.
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(3 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, millet Hong Kong shares IPO pricing range of 17 to 22 Hong Kong dollars, the planned financing of no more than 610 million US dollars, the earliest start IPO on Thursday.
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(3 day ago) A model M1804E4T (also known as M1804E4CU M1804E4A) has been licensed to enter the network, according to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to the relevant page information, the machine has a size of 176.15 × 87.4 × 7.99mm / m and a weight of 221g. It offers black, rose gold, white, blue, red, pink, gray and silver colors. It has a 6.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080.
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(3 day ago) In addition, Reuters reported yesterday that Xiaomi had negotiated with potential cornerstone investors at a valuation of between US$55 billion and US$70 billion. This new valuation is much lower than the $100 billion that news sources had touted earlier this year, and far below the latest reserve price of 70 billion U.S. dollars that the company and its advisers informally guide investors.
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(3 day ago) Lei Jun even mentioned this in his April pre-IPO financing statement. "As a commitment to all of our users, the company will permanently limit its after-tax net profit margin for its entire hardware sales (including smartphones, IoT and lifestyle products) to 5%.
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