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(7 hr ago) The image comes from the live picture of NASA TV. Visit the live website: https://youtu This historic event happened seven months after the original target date. Because the international space station (ISS) lacks the medium-sized space suit needed by one of the two women, it has to postpone the attempt.
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(15 hr ago) It is understood that according to NASA's stages contract, Boeing designed and built the initial SLS core stage, and the first superior rocket was not delivered until last year. In fact, NASA just completed the first SLS rocket assembly in mid September when it added engine parts to the rest of the structure.
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(1 day ago) If all goes well, when the first human woman lands on the moon in 2024, she will be wearing a new generation of spacesuits - which will allow astronauts to enhance their mobility and flexibility to explore the moon's surface.
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(1 day ago) (from NASA, via BGR) Unfortunately, in the decades since then, the space agency has not changed its force field, that is, there is no life on Mars. In a statement provided to Fox News, a NASA spokesman denied Gilbert Levin's claim.
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(1 day ago) At a hearing on Wednesday, Jos-Serrano (D-NY), the chairman of the House of Representatives, referred to NASA's allocation, and he referred to the potential huge cost of the space agency's lunar plan. He claims that some experts estimate that, over the next five years, this could cost over $25 billion, and that the money would be difficult to justify, especially because many other government programs needed funding.
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(2 day ago) Levin is the lead researcher in the marker release (LR) experiment. LR involves studying whether there are signs of microbial metabolism in Martian soil. According to Levin's analysis, two Viking landers found signs of microbial "breathing," suggesting that life appeared to exist on a barren planet.
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(3 day ago) If the spring in the box pushes the ring and slips along the rod to the front, the box recovers in the other direction. When the ring reaches the end of the box, it bounces back and the recoil direction of the box changes. But if the mass of the ring is much larger in one direction than in the other, one end of the box will produce more thrust than the other.
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(3 day ago) Now, a scientist involved in the Viking mission says they have found evidence of life on Mars more than 40 years ago. Gilbert Levin, chief researcher of the Virgin Sign Release Experiment, said in a new column that data returned from Mars in the 1970s confirmed the existence of life on the planet.
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(3 day ago) Compared with many satellites, ICON enters space in a different way. Instead of being tied to a ground rocket to launch, ICON was tied to a flying XL rocket under Northrop Grumman's Stargazer L ≤ 1011.
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(4 day ago) Although NASA astronauts often walk in space on the International Space Station (ISS), protective clothing used to protect them from lethal space conditions dates back to the 1980s. Now, as part of the Artemis program, NASA aims to return American astronauts to the moon by 2024, and NASA is developing a more advanced space suit for next-generation landing missions.
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(4 day ago) The ionosphere is a layer of the Earth's upper atmosphere, ranging from 85 km to 600 km. From the point of view of the earth man, as the edge of space, it has many important effects. Because it has the ability to block or reflect electromagnetic waves, it affects GPS, shortwave radio, satellite transmission and other radio-based technologies.
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(4 day ago) The next generation of aerospace uniforms, known as the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (exploratory out-of-vehicle Mobile Force, will be used in NASA's future Artemis mission (return to the Moon).
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(5 day ago) Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, said he wanted to deliver the "Long" to NASA by the end of this year. 'If everything goes as planned, it will be the first quarter of next year,' said Mr. Brendan. 'We're not taking any inappropriate risks,' the report said. 'We're not taking any inappropriate risks,' the report said.
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(6 day ago) We know that human beings have not yet found direct evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life, but Gilbert V. Levin, NASA, is not so.
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(7 day ago) NASA's upcoming James-Weber space telescope is designed to use infrared to view the universe. Infrared is a kind of invisible light, but it is very important to observe the objects hidden in the dust. When it is launched, it will collect the details of the Milky Way's center that has been uncovered through the dust.
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(7 day ago) IT Home News October 11 Local time October 9, NASA released images of the galaxy's central region taken by the Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope. The galaxy's center is crowded with a black hole four million times the mass of the sun and millions of stars around it.
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(7 day ago) (NASA) Director Jim Brendenstin (Jim Bridenstine) Tencent Technology News, October 11 news, according to foreign media reports, NASA (NASA) Director Jim Brendenstein (Jim Bridenstine) said on Thursday local time that SpaceX's manned dragon spacecraft (Crew Dragon) is expected to conduct its first manned test flight in the first quarter of 2020.
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(7 day ago) On October 9, local time, NASA released an image of the center of the Milky way galaxy taken by the Spitzer infrared space telescope. Photo source: NASA official website according to the NASA website, this group of photos by the Spitzer Space Telescopes (Spitzer Space Telescope).
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(8 day ago) On October 9, NASA's (NASA) unveiled a renderer of the next generation of spacesuits. NASA said astronauts would wear a brand new spacesuit known as the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (Exhibit Mobile Force, or xEMU., on a mission back to the moon.
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(8 day ago) However, NASA delayed the launch of ICON due to bad weather in the rocket launch zone. NASA will try again at 9:30 p.m. local time on Thursday. The mission, called the Ionospheric Connection Detector (ICON), was scheduled to launch in the summer of 2017.
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(9 day ago) Science and Technology Daily (Reporter Liu Xia) (NASA) plans to build an infrared telescope to monitor asteroids that may collide with Earth, which will be launched in 2025, according to a recent report on the website of Science magazine.
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(10 day ago) The image spans about four feet from left to right, and is a combination of three images taken by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on the arm of the Mars Rover Curiosity. Dry cracks on the surface of rocks are considered to be evidence that drying intervals interrupt the wetting period, during which saltwater lakes exist in the Gaelic crater area.
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(10 day ago) It is understood that Koch was supposed to have a spacewalk with her then female colleague Anne McClain, which would have been the first all-female spacewalk in the history of space travel. However, in the week of the spacewalk, Koch stopped working with McClain and replaced it with Nick Hague., a male colleague.
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(11 day ago) Successful verification tests have proved that SpaceX is ready to support manned launches and protect astronauts'lives through effective escape methods. Prior to the formal launch pad evacuation test, SpaceX and NASA's Commercial Astronaut Program (CCP) team conducted exercises on how to ensure the safety of astronauts, including the emergency evacuation of astronauts from the model spacecraft on the recovery ship Go Searcher.
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(11 day ago) In addition, NASA is testing the rover and its supporting systems in a Mars-like environment to see if it can withstand local temperatures and pressures when it reaches a distant planet.
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, Oct. 6, according to foreign media reports, experts from NASA's Ames Research Center will collaborate with a team from Uber, an online car company, this week to conduct computer simulation tests of future air travel in urban environments.
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(12 day ago) When Mars 2020 enters the Martian atmosphere, the last minute before landing will involve a series of complex events, as well as using two more advanced technologies than Curiosity. When the probe reaches the upper atmosphere of Mars at hypersonic speed, it will be protected by aerodynamic insulation plates and shells, which will not only block the heat entering the atmosphere at deceleration, but also provide some lift.
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(12 day ago) The partnership is under NASA's Urban Air Mobility (Urban Air Traffic (Urban Air Mobility () project, which aims to deliver UAV delivery and small air traffic to future intercity drones and ordinary roads for small air traffic. It is understood that NASA actually worked with Uber at the end of 2017 to help develop the necessary software systems for managing drones and other small aircraft that will fly at low altitude in the future.
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(13 day ago) Christina Koch (: NASA,via Cnet), Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will make the first all-female spacewalk history on October 21.
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(13 day ago) Nova-C rendering map (from: Intuitive Machines, via Cnet) Actually, Falcon 9 helped launch Israel's Beresheet spacecraft earlier this year. Unfortunately, the lander crashed on the moon.
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