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(10 hr ago) The research team of Northwestern University has developed a new 3D printer with great future. The printer is much larger than the existing one on the market, and the printing speed is much faster - it can print adult sized objects in a few hours.
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(14 hr ago) Visit:Windows, Microsoft's official Chinese mall, today's cumulative update for the Release Preview channel is KB4522355, which is now available to RP users of 19H1 and 19H2 branches.
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(19 hr ago) It is reported that the first issue of the Chinese edition of the bimonthly magazine Computer magazine will be launched in March 2020, with more than a dozen top English magazines published by IEEE in Chinese and domestic content collection and editing. Deeptech, founded in 2016, is a hard technology content brand specializing in the popularity of new technology and science, culture, industry and science and technology services.
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(6 day ago) The Shenzhen network police put forward the corresponding disposal suggestions: 1. Stop using TeamViewer remote management software recently; 2. Ban 5938 ports for TeamViewer remote communication in the firewall; 3. Return to domain name through Web application firewall or other devices in refined units.
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(6 day ago) PCIe 4.0 products are coming out one after another, but the next generation of PCIe 5.0 has been eager to come. The standard specification has just completed less than half a year. It has been adopted by a number of products and technologies, such as Intel 10nm Agilex FPGA, such as CXL, CCIX, Gen-Z high-speed interconnection standards.
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(9 day ago) Susan K.'Kathy'Land was elected chairman of IEEE recently. Kathy will assume the chairmanship of IEEE on January 1, 21, and she will replace Fukuda Min, the chairman of IEEE in 2020.
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(10 day ago) AMD has just ushered in the era of PCIe 4.0, and the next generation of PCIe 5.0 standards is already on the road. Not long ago, Intel shipped a new Agilex FPGA that supports PCIe 5.0 and uses a 10nm process. Now, Gen-Z Alliance has released the latest version 1.1 of this high-speed interconnection standard and added PCIe 5.0.
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(13 day ago) Now, when you enable blocking third-party cookie settings in browsers, Chrome allows "preventing third-party websites from saving and reading cookie data". Now, if you enable the samesite = none cookies flag, it will display the "Delete Third Party Cookies" button on the "All Cookies and Site Data" page, and clicking the button will clear all available Cookies and Site Data from third party websites.
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(13 day ago) Access: Mall (figure via AnandTech), the new physical layer specification (Gen-Z Physical Layer Specification 1.1) uses the PCIe physical layer and the modified IEEE 802.3 Ethernet layer standard to provide 56 GT/s transmission rates per channel.
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(15 day ago) Since version 2019, opening the home screen in Photoshop and Premiere Elements has shown auto-generated photos and video slides with different effects provided by Adobe Sensei.
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(16 day ago) Global Foundries, founded in 2009 after AMD split its manufacturing division, is now the world's third-largest chipmaker after TSMC and Samsung Foundry. For years, the company has been trying to compete with TSMC and Samsung Foundry for customers like AMD by providing leading chip manufacturing technology.
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(18 day ago) IT Home News Sept. 30 According to the Wall Street Journal, Tom Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries, the world's second largest pure wafer factory, told the newspaper that its Fab 8 Semiconductor Wafer Factory in Malta, New York, has 3,000 employees and is planning to make its first operation in 2022. The way of public offering is to sell minority shares of the company to achieve listing.
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(19 day ago) Visit: Because of this historical relationship, GF company has been known as AMD's "girlfriend" by players, but their names have long since disappeared and become a pure money relationship. Last year, after GF announced its withdrawal from the research and development of 7Nm technology, AMD also transferred its 7Nm order to TSMC. Now, the 7Nm Rillon and Navi graphics cards are both TSMC. For OEM, GF only retains 14 and 12 nm cooperation.
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(22 day ago) Visit: According to the security announcement issued by Microsoft, the root cause of this vulnerability is the way scripting Engine handles objects in memory. Specifically, the script engine in Internet Explorer has a remote code execution vulnerability when processing objects in memory. This vulnerability destroys memory in such a way that an attacker can execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user.
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(26 day ago) It has neither good structural features nor dazzling vases. It's just a mass of stars wandering around the Andromeda galaxy. As far as galaxies are concerned, they are quite small, but NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has always been able to capture this tiny Galaxy in space.
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(27 day ago) The hardware of Apple Watch Series 5 is built on the success of the previous generation Series 4. How about this new generation of Apple smart watch with a new all-weather retina screen and built-in compass? Let's take a look at the evaluation of its features and functions by many media.
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(28 day ago) In the scene of satellite-ground experiment between Ali Earth Station and Mozi satellite, green light is the beacon light of satellite emission, and red is the beacon light quantum mechanics and gravity theory of ground emission are the two pillars of modern physics. They have achieved great success in their respective fields.
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(28 day ago) Human beings are always insignificant in the face of natural disasters. Recently, researchers used deep convolution network to predict the occurrence time of disasters 18 months in advance. This research has been published in Nature.
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(29 day ago) Interview: Mall (photo: Wrap Industries,via BGR) Reuters reported that the number of people killed by police using taser guns has exceeded 1000, and nearly 50 people were killed in 2018 alone.
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(30 day ago) Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in the United States, began selling avocados exclusively in 109 stores earlier this year using Apeel Sciences quality assurance technology. Apeel Sciences says its avocado costs the same or less as other avocados because of reduced waste.
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(31 day ago) Access: The more and more iPhone in Jingdong Mall is equipped with the wireless charging function, which further promotes the prosperity of the wireless charging base market. Recently, the peripheral producer, mophie, introduced a two-in-one wireless charging base, the highlight of which is to be able to switch between the "Vertical" and the "flat-lying" charging positions, providing a higher degree of freedom.
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(34 day ago) Before screenshot via TheVerge), users had to manually edit three different aspect ratios, but Adobe Premiere Pro's new Auto Reframe feature intelligently identifies the main action areas, performs clipping, and highlights the sense of the mirror.
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(36 day ago) LaCie is popular with its storage solutions, some of which involve external hard drives. These three new solid-state drives inherit this tradition, with ultra-fast data transmission speed and support for media and entertainment (M).
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(38 day ago) Apple unveiled a new generation of Apple Watch Series 5 at its fall 2019 launch, adding a long-anticipated permanent bright screen (Always-on Retina), which means the new Apple Watch will never stop on the screen and can see dial information anytime, anywhere.
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(38 day ago) The IEEE Spectrum programming language ranking is released once a year. Different from other language rankings, IEEE Spectrum allows readers to choose their own weight when choosing parameter combinations and get different ranking results.
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(39 day ago) Samsung B-Die DDR4 memory particles can be regarded as an industry legend. Both manufacturers and high-end players and enthusiasts like it very much. Its excellent performance and overfrequency are very popular, and almost become the standard of high-end memory bars.
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(41 day ago) Access: Microsoft China official Mall-Visual Studio supports F# 4.7 preview and various F # tools to improve and update the C IntelliCode base model as the default, and includes C # repeated editing F# and F# tools F# language and core library in this preview, which adds support for F# 4.7, a minor language version with compiler infrastructure.
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(42 day ago) AMD has just released the second generation EPYC Xiaolong processor code Rome (Rome), which has a 7Nm process and Zen 2 architecture. It also uses chiplet microchip design, which integrates up to eight CPU Dies and one IO Die.
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(46 day ago) At the beginning of the year, Intel proposed Foveros 3 D stereo chip packaging technology, the first product for Lakefield, to use hybrid x86 architecture.
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(48 day ago) Visit: Jingdong Mall The lawsuit extends to companies such as Apple, Qualcomm, Google, Nvidia, Lenovo and MediaTek, as they all use TSMC's technology in their chips. The surprising aspect of the lawsuit is that GlobalFoundries has omitted AMD in litigation, even if they use TSMC's technology.
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