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(19 hr ago) Tencent technology news, after the U.S. computer chip giant Intel, spent $15 billion acquisition of Israel automatic driving vehicle vision identification chip company Mobileye, suddenly got a place in the field of automatic driving technology.
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(1 day ago) At the recent Taipei Computer Show, Intel announced that its 10-nm process was based on a Sunny Cove-based desktop processor, claiming 18% improvement over its predecessor IPC (not to mention the next generation).
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(2 day ago) The standardization of PCIe is not good. The PCIe 4.0 is not a good name. The full name of PCIe is Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, which can be translated into high-speed connection standard for peripheral devices. This is the PC connection standard proposed in 2003.
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(3 day ago) The core wafer manufacturing is mainly in the United States, Ireland and Israel. The packaging and testing plants are mainly in Asia, including Chengdu, China, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Penang, Malaysia. There are also packaging plants in Costa Rica and Dalian, China, but the former has been closed. The latter has turned to 3D NAND flash production.
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(3 day ago) Earlier we reported that Apple intends to acquire the business unit from Intel, which announced its withdrawal from the mobile baseband chip business, to enhance its 5G baseband chip development capabilities. According to the latest news, the acquisition is currently progressing, and Apple is considering Intel's German business as the basis for its baseband business.
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(4 day ago) Intel fans like to talk about the mononuclear advantage in the Zen 2 era no longer exists. According to Geekbench's test results, AMD's recently released 16-core processor R9 3950X beat Intel's 18-core processor i9 9980XE in single-core and multi-core tests at $750 for the former and $2,000 for the latter.
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(4 day ago) In the GeeBench 4.3 database, there are 3950X achievements, single core 5868, multi-core 61072. Guess what Intel's flagship i9-9980XE (18 cores, 36 threads) is doing? Mononuclear 5395, multicore 46618... That is to say, AMD not only completes double killing, but also leads by 31% in multi-core.
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(4 day ago) The starting price of 3,999 yuan brings 14-inch display and support bracelet to unlock. The biggest highlight is the Intel 8th generation Core i7 and discrete graphics, which make the RedmiBook 14 cost-effective. Integrated metal body design, light and thin side also has room for improvement. RedmiBook is mainly based on square design, and the four corners adopt circular cutting process. Overall, it is still more traditional.
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(5 day ago) Gan Ming from the concave temples quiz report public number QbitAI despite having more than $ 4 billion to reach an agreement with Qualcomm, Apple still wants to take "mobile phone life" in their own hands.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) (via MacRumors) familiar with the informed sources said that once Apple and Intel reached an agreement, it may include Intel patents and products. The final acquisition agreement is similar to Apple's acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor.
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(6 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, June 11, according to foreign media reports, Intel recently said it would buy Barefoot Networks, a network startup, but refused to disclose the specific amount.
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(7 day ago) For the benefits of PCIe 4.0 technology, AMD recently began to emphasize the three advantages of this technology: faster, x16 bidirectional bandwidth of 32GB / s, twice as much as PCIe 3.0. Downward compatibility, PCIe 4.0 can also be compatible with PCIe 3.0 devices.
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(9 day ago) The word "garbage man" originated from Baidu's Tulatin bar. It has no derogatory meaning. Most of the "garbage man" have very high DIY attainments and are also senior DIY enthusiasts. Second-hand hardware in the "garbage man", there is a kind of processor which is praised on the altar:
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(10 day ago) EchoStreams FlacheSAN2N108N-XX is a 2U machine based on AMD EPYC Naples processor. It has 32 cores and 16 DDR4 memory slots, up to 2TB, multiple M.2 and PCIe slots, which are used to cache SSD or accelerator, and six Microsemi PCIe switches.
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(13 day ago) Competition between the two sides is not only reflected in the real knife and gun battle among customers, but also in the public relations propaganda. Intel has twice "stubbled" AMD during the Taipei Computer Exhibition, believing that the testing of AMD is unfair, misleading the public and harming Intel's interests.
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(14 day ago) Intel seems to have received feedback from the market deployment of computing cards and has developed a new product line, NUC computing components, to expand the coverage of modular computing systems. Intel's NUC computing components address these three issues (cost, performance, and increased I/O capabilities) while retaining the ability to simplify system design.
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(14 day ago) In 2011, Intel-led Thunderbolt first appeared on MacBook Pro notebooks as a common interface for displays, storage systems and other high-end peripherals, and later expanded to Windows computers.
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(14 day ago) When a partner from Intel introduced the new mini-machine in Taipei, it mentioned that it will upgrade to the next-generation Comet Lake-U series processor in November this year, but the whole machine retail listing may have to wait. Comet Lake's name has been heard and seen many times before, and even exposed the detailed model specifications of the Comet Lake-U series, also belongs to the 10th generation Core, models include i3-10110U, i5-10210U, i7-10510U, i7-10710U ...
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(14 day ago) Several years after the implementation of the new specification, the hardware quality of Windows notebooks has obviously improved. The first is to abandon the plastic material that has been used for many years and switch to various metals. In addition, lower latency has become a new normal. Dell XPS 13 and HP Spectre X360 are typical of the new specification.
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(17 day ago) At present, the processors that DIY players can buy are mainly the 8th and 9th generation of Core Rui. The top platforms are Core Rui X series, including the first generation of Core Rui i9-7900 series released in 2017 and the second generation released in 2018, namely Core i9-9900 series.
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(18 day ago) From the initial published overall specifications, Ice Lake's 10th generation Core includes i3, i5, i7 three series, thermal design power consumption includes 9W, 15W, 28W three, of which 9W is Y series ultra low power version, and can Up to 12W, much higher than the current 4.5-7W, 15W is the U series low-power version, can be opened to 25W, 28W is not clear, there are only a few custom versions.
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(18 day ago) The models and specifications of the 9th generation Bo Rui are completely consistent with the 9th generation Core, including 11 desktop versions, 3 mobile versions, from Core i5 to Core i9, from 4 cores and 8 threads to 8 cores and 16 threads, and the third level cache is from 8MB. Up to 16MB, thermal design power consumption from 35W to 95W, are integrated UHD core graphics, and some models support Thermal Velocity Boost 3 acceleration technology, which can further accelerate the operating frequency under specific conditions of power consumption, heat generation and temperature.
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(19 day ago) (Figure: Intel, via The Verge) Earlier this year, Intel introduced another form of modularization: Compute Card. But now, the chip giant thinks it can be changed.
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(19 day ago) Intel said the prototype is equipped with a complete quad-core, 15-watt U-series processor. It does not use a fan in the cooling solution. Instead, it uses a very thin Vapor Chamber cooling solution and is uniquely matched. The motherboard design allows the CPU to be diagonally aligned (rather than vertical or horizontal) so it can be closer to the circuit that feeds it.
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(20 day ago) The detailed information and technical information disclosed by Intel on Computex 2019 is impressive. The main improvement is that it achieves an 18% IPC upgrade compared to the Skylake architecture and a 40% improvement in overall performance.
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(20 day ago) Laptops conforming to Project Athena standards need not only fast data transmission and a pleasant game experience, but also ready to be on standby, full charging, which can last for a whole day, and more advanced functions. The first batch of equipment is expected to go on sale this shopping season.
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(20 day ago) On May 28, at the Taipei Computer Exhibition, Intel finally released its first 10-nm technology product family, Ice Lake's 10th generation Core Mobile Laptop Processor, including Core i7, Core i5, Core I3 series and Iris Plus core graphics cards, all with new LOGO logo replaced.
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(20 day ago) Since Merom's 65-nm process Core 2 Duo in 2006, Intel manufacturing technology has been upgraded steadily for two or three years, but has encountered some setbacks at 10 nm. It has been five years since the first 14-nm and the fifth generation of Core Broadwell in 2014.
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(21 day ago) Dr. Su said that the new three generations of Ryzen processors have improved IPC performance by 15%, cache size by two times and floating-point performance by two times. The first three generations of Ryzen are the world's first 7-nm desktop processor Ryzen 7,3700X, still 8 cores and 16 threads. Dr. Su said that Ryzen 7,3700X has 1% more single-core performance than i7-9700K, 28% more multi-core performance, and only 65W TDP (compared with i7-9700K 95W).
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(21 day ago) In addition to announcing 5GHz i9-9900KS with full firepower, Intel also demonstrated the performance of integrated graphics cards in the next generation mobile platform processor Ice Lake-U, which is based on Intel's 10nm process, Sunny Cove core and built-in powerful Gen11 integrated graphics cards. Intel shares this information with many media today.
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