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(5 hr ago) Compared with Core i9 ≤ 9900K, Core i9-9900KS appears to be only a core frequency increase, but this processor is obviously optimized, TH test obviously its overfrequency power consumption is lower than Core i9 ≤ 9900K, and overfrequency performance is also very good, can be on 5.2 GHz, than Core i9 ≤ 9900K are stronger.
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(9 hr ago) The specific design of Tremont architecture has not been published yet, but it is used in atom product line. The three key indicators given by the official are: St single core performance improvement, network service performance and battery life performance, of which st single core performance is a key point. It was previously reported that Tremont will add L3 cache, which can improve CPU performance and memory performance.
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(1 day ago) As for the suspected 14nm Xe independent graphics card that is coming out today, there is no further evidence at present, and this derivative version is not excluded. After all, the 14nm process has been optimized to be perfect, and the performance of 10nm is still poor. Intel independent graphics card concept map Intel Xe independent graphics card will attack from two lines. In addition to game card, it is more important to face the high-performance computing fields such as data center, AI Artificial Intelligence, ML machine learning, and combine with the most powerful CPU, FPGA, accelerator...
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(1 day ago) Now another low-end Xe video card has been exposed. Notebookcheck website found that this GPU, named idg1lpdev, is similar to the previously exposed Xe GPU in terms of naming. LP represents low power consumption, which means that this GPU will not be very high-end, and is likely to be used in notebook market.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official Mall - Windows released cumulative update kb4517389 for version 1903 during this month's Patch Tuesday activity, focusing on fixing security issues and printing errors.
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(2 day ago) The software is designed to run on Intel based chips, which are the "heart" of most PCs and are known around the world, but Intel now aims to sell them to 5g devices. 5g is the next generation wireless data network launched this year.
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(3 day ago) This news is quickly in domestic and foreign players in the frying pan, hard waiting for many years of 10-nm desktop processor cancelled, 14-nm technology will be another three years? Faced with such doubts, Intel quickly dispelled rumors that it would not abandon the 10nm desktop processor. Significant progress has been made in 10nm. The existing roadmap includes the 10nm desktop version.
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(4 day ago) During the National Day, Intel officially released the new HEDT platform flagship Core X processor, code-named Cascade Lake-X, which is still based on 14-nm technology and Skylake architecture. The highest level is still 18 core 36 threads. Besides continuing to increase the frequency, Intel also has a new look in memory, PCIe, AI, network and other aspects, while maintaining the LGA2066 interface, and continuing to match the X299 motherboard.
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(4 day ago) According to the latest explosion, Intel will have a wave of LGA slot upgrades in the next two years. The desktop version will be upgraded from LGA111 to LGA1200, which is Comet Lake and 400-series chipset. In the server market, the current LGA3647 will be upgraded to LGA4189 by 2020.
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(4 day ago) "We are in an era of data explosion... Intel is the only company that can handle it.
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(5 day ago) Foreign media exposed a suspected Intel slide, in which it was noted: "Intel's mass killer." The slide shows that AMD's net profit for the whole of 2018 was only about $300m, while the cost of Intel's promotion in 2019 was about $3 billion, a tenfold drop.
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(5 day ago) A few years ago, Intel built its own high-speed, high-scalability, low-delay interconnection technology for data centers and supercomputers by collecting and buying Cray interconnection network service, QLogic InfiniBand technology.
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(5 day ago) However, the two news may be Oolong again, PCWorld reported that the Intel headquarters recently clarified the reports, they reviewed the briefing on Japanese activities, confirmed that the PPT information does not mention that the Xe architecture alone GPU will support ray tracing, the report is actually due to a misunderstanding of Japanese-English translation.
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(6 day ago) It's never easy to be the king of the times, especially the success of crossing the times. However, in order to quickly meet the needs of big data, AI and 5G, Intel not only increased investment, increased efforts to recruit talents, but also put forward six technology pillar strategies last year.
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(6 day ago) In terms of specifications, Core i3-10100 has four cores/eight threads with a clock rate of 3.60 GHz (perhaps a Rui-Frequency value), supplemented by 6MB L 3 and 1MB L2 buffers.
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(7 day ago) [TechWeb] October 11, according to foreign media reports, Intel's built-in AMD GPU processor launched last year is about to stop production. According to foreign media, the Kaby Lake-G Core i7 processor for notebooks and computers will last on January 31, 2020 and July 31, 2020.
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(7 day ago) Intel recently released a new generation of Core X series fever processors codenamed Cascade Lake-X. The top Core i9-10980XE is still 18 core 36 threads, and continues to partner with the X299 chipset motherboard, and brands are also actively launching new products.
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(8 day ago) 7Nm is an important node of Intel's next generation process, and it is also a high-performance process. Its status is comparable to the current 14nm process, and it is also the first time that Intel uses EUV lithography process, which is of great significance. According to information previously published by Intel, the 7Nm EUV process has doubled the transistor density, improved the performance by 20% per watt and reduced the design complexity by four times compared with the 10nm process.
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(8 day ago) Due to the 22110 specification (110mm long), M.2 version 905P is difficult to find a direct use of tripartite heat dissipation A, it seems to have come out of the EKWB, the price is also not cheap, for $20. Nor is it because consumers are picky, M.2 SSD heat dissipation is generally not ideal, and 905P is an ultra-high-end product, the price of 380GB capacity is as high as $499 (3549 yuan).
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(8 day ago) The retirement list includes up to 20 7-generation Core CPUs, starting with the dual-core G3950, with a maximum of i7-7700K. It is reported that the last batch of orders is April 24, 2020, and the last shipment is October 9, 2020.
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(8 day ago) The question of this popular science is, "Does pressing the power button to force the shutdown have an impact on the notebook hardware?" PC users often use this tactic when the computer crashes. Pressing the power button for about 10 seconds will cause the computer to shut down directly. However, compared with the normal shutdown mode, it is too direct, which also causes many users to have doubts that pressing the power button for a long time may damage the computer.
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(9 day ago) In Kaby Lake-G, Intel uses the so-called "embedded multimode interconnection bridge" to connect CPU and GPU chips. In fact, the "embedded multimode interconnection bridge" is a special PCIe link for a single package containing processors, graphics cards and memory.
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(10 day ago) Karen is a truly world-class chief marketing officer and has deep work experience with many of intel's most valuable clients, he says. Karen, who graduated from the University of Loughborough, UK, received an honorary doctorate in business administration from the University of Sunderland in 2018, led business and consumer operations at Hewlett-Packard and joined four chief marketing officers in 2015 to help Cisco transition to a hybrid business model for selling hardware, software, services and software-as-a-service solutions.
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(10 day ago) According to Intel's announcement, the Kaby Lake-G series has been decommissioned since Oct. 7, with the final order date on Jan. 31, 2020 and the final delivery date on July 31, 2020, and then completely shut down.
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(10 day ago) According to reports from Google and Mozilla, Intel Gemini Lake processors have a large number of "Impossible" crashes when running 64-bit Chrome, Firefox browsers and other software, and Intel has responded formally to these crashes.
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(10 day ago) Tencent Technology News, October 8 news, according to foreign media reports, Intel today released its latest strong W series, Core X series and Core S series processors. Compared with previous models, the new processors have cut prices by as much as 40 to 50 per cent in some cases, reflecting an increased threat of competition from rival AMD.
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(10 day ago) On the evening of October 7th, the new W2200 processor was released officially, mainly for workstations. The chip will also be applied to the latest iMac Pro that Apple will soon launch. New Zhiqiang W-2200 chips will be available in November.
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(10 day ago) Although the figure via AnandTech) only occupies the height of the dual PCIe slot, the Element still integrates the on-board CPU / DRAM / storage and other components, and supports lightning, Ethernet, Wi-Fi,USB and other functions.
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(11 day ago) Intel has just released a new generation of desktop fever grade X series processor, code name Cascade Lake-X, for enthusiasts, professional creations, freelancers, design studios and so on, compared with the previous generation to enhance the performance of up to 7%, compared to three years ago, the platform up to 14%.
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(11 day ago) The new Core X series, like the previous two generations, is also based on 14nm process and Skylake architecture, with a maximum of 18 core 36 threads. In addition to continuing to increase the frequency, the upgrade also has a new look in memory, PCIe,AI artificial intelligence, network and so on. At the same time, it maintains the LGA2066 interface and continues to match the X299 motherboard.
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