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(4 hr ago) iPhone X set a new benchmark for smartphone prices and boosted Apple's profits, but its high price may make it difficult for the future in several major markets in Asia, grabbing more markets for challengers from China Share.
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(10 hr ago) In India and Indonesia, consumers have chosen products such as Oppo and Vivo from Xiaomi and Guangdong BBK Electronics. Millet is sometimes called China's apple. Wahyu Adi Setyanto, a 36-year-old IT engineer in Jakarta, recently replaced his iPhone with millet.
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(1 day ago) It is understood that in 2017 the global private wealth reached a total of about 215 trillion U.S. dollars. The total number of global HNWIs (net assets of more than one million U.S. dollars outside major residences) reached around 15.2 million. And the 15 richest cities in the world account for 24 trillion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 11% of the world's total private wealth.
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(1 day ago) The Ross Sea is a marginal sea formed by the deep ocean in Antarctica. It is a preferred route for mankind to reach Antarctica by ship and to the South Pole. It is also an important area for studying the impact of climate change on Antarctica and even the whole world. During the 29th Antarctic expedition in China, expeditions chose the unspeakable island of Victoria, Rose Island as the main alternative site for the new perennial expedition station. Subsequently, during the 30th to 32nd Antarctic expeditions, comprehensive study and new station planning were conducted.
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(2 day ago) The third quarter of the total of 8 sets, 50 minutes per episode, themes "instruments" and "the banquet", "kitchen" and "snacks" and "snacks" and "food" and "time", "fusion", the "apparatus" "." "fusion" is the three new theme direction.
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(2 day ago) According to the official website, Beijing flicker silver singularity Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2014, is the first Internet credit evaluation company in China. The Wecash flicker, which is developed, is a large data credit evaluation platform. Bizarre silver relies on data mining analysis and machine learning technology to achieve rapid and accurate credit evaluation.
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(3 day ago) The original title: China's first cross-border e-commerce intelligent robot warehouse landing Yizhuang whole process of intelligent operation in accordance with the spirit of the first to build cross-border e-commerce online shopping bonded customs supervision of public library standard integrated design and planning, installation without dead ends, full coverage, high definition Video surveillance equipment, customs, national inspection of a machine double screen, a machine double control X-ray inspection equipment and related sorting equipment.
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(3 day ago) Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences sound (the original title of China's space exploration of Wang Xing pioneer: Leopard, Shanshan 丨 Spring Festival special) compared to the famous Lycra, have been involved in China's space exploration career "Wang Xingren" Leopard, Shanshan Very few people understand the story.
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(3 day ago) Because of quantum, the recent international IT giant collective "restless." At the end of last year, IBM released the "50-bit quantum computer prototype" first. After Intel released the "49-bit quantum chip" earlier this year, the "new quantum weapons" still under development by Google and Microsoft have not been able to wait for " Said in a few weeks will announce "milestone" major achievements.
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(3 day ago) Of the 850,000 answerers, only about 70,000 have correctly chosen "renminbi", which is less than one-tenth of the total number. Another nearly 720,000 people voted for the Japanese yen (yen) as "yen", and 60,000 chose "Chinese yuan" that does not exist. According to Bloomberg News, HQ CEO Rus Yusupov said in a statement that the problem was originally designed as a difficult question. They had previously estimated that one third of the questions were answered incorrectly, but the actual situation Far beyond their imagination.
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(4 day ago) The next day, "catch demon remember 2" momentum even worse, today (17) 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the official release to celebrate the box office to break 700 million yuan of He map, according to cats eye box office professional version of the statistics, Mind 2 "box office has broken 800 million, I believe today's total box office break 1 billion, or even higher. In addition to "Dream Cat 2," other domestic movies "Chinatown exploration case 2" "daughter country" "Red Sea Action" at the box office is also very force, I believe this year's Spring Festival stalls final results will be very gratifying.
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(4 day ago) Experts believe that in recent years, China's domestic invention patent ownership increased steadily, especially in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Yangtze River economic belt covering provinces and cities and other key state patent layout in good shape. In addition, the outward patent applications of Chinese applicants have been increasing steadily. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the new era of accelerating accelerating the urgent need for higher quality, a greater number of intellectual property to provide support.
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(5 day ago) The news came, some people say, Netease Koala sea buy stealing chicken not eclipse the rice; Some people say that Netease Koala sea purchase statement is the village dance sword, questioned is Estee Lauder China. So what's the problem? Which side is the truth? Perhaps the public will prefer "Weiguang is" the brand side, but as an E-commerce practitioners, this time I may Netease Koalahai station call.
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(6 day ago) February 15, the tongue on the Chinese official microblogging countdown posting poster said: "Tongue 3 year four, warm return!" "Tongue 3" by producer, director Liu Hongyan surgeon, will be humanistic, the story The proportion of make the appropriate adjustments, will be less of a story, more food.
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(6 day ago) In February 13th 10 in the evening news, China Jingwei venture investment fund partner Shao Yibo said recently it will fade out the latitude, he will join the public welfare, to create a charitable fund, the initial investment amount of approximately $100 million, headquartered in Silicon Valley, looking at global business (including China).
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(7 day ago) According to the final agreement, the total amount of the Jingdong logistics is about $2 billion 500 million. This is also the largest single financing in China's logistics industry. Major investors include Hillhouse capital, Sequoia China, China Merchants Group, Tencent, China Life Insurance, China mother fund, ICBC international, China fund and many other organizations.
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(7 day ago) Bill & Melinda Gates' Atlanta trip in October 2017 Bill Gates: well before the foundation was involved, China had a very good track record in poverty alleviation. We've been involved recently. We hope to help China achieve its ambitious goal of eradicating extreme poverty.
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(10 day ago) PingWest goods play February 11 reported that, according to the Wall Street Journal, during the Spring Festival, the police are adding a new device to the equipment library: mounted on the glasses of mobile facial recognition device. The glasses on which the device is installed are able to enter where the fixed camera is not scanned and respond more quickly. The device is also equipped with facial recognition technology to screen fleeing populations "highly efficiently."
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(10 day ago) BTCC was founded by Li Kaiyuan in 2011. Had 80% market share, is China's first bitcoin trading places, in 2014 the transaction volume has ranked second in the world. September 2017 BTCC announced that it will shut down the business of bitcoin China Cryptocurrency Exchange. Currently, the platform is registered in the United Kingdom. Its international platform of USD spot trading platform is still in operation. The DAX currency trading platform has been stopped since December 27, 2017 transaction.
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(10 day ago) Apple at the beginning of the earnings analysis will share the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 (2017 fourth quarter natural) earnings and sales of its products. Although iPhone sales fell slightly by 1%, but the total revenue has increased a full 13%, apparently, high performance iPhone X and other products of particular importance.
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(10 day ago) Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, Minister of Science and Technology, Chairman of the China Association of Science and Technology Wan Gang, Minister of State Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, Director of the State assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Xiao Yaqing, Secretary of the Party Group of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission and Director of the State Energy Administration, Nur Baiacrylic, director of the China hydrogen Energy Strategic Alliance, heads of the governing bodies, representatives of some local governments and trade associations, more than 200 people attended the founding assembly of the alliance.
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(10 day ago) Data map, as a statutory Department of the Chinese organization to accurately measure and authorize the elevation of Mount Everest, has been abandoned by the State Bureau of surveying, mapping and geographic information. China has never given up the elevation of 8844.43 meters in Mount Everest. "This data has been promulgated by the State Council in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the People's Republic of China surveying and Mapping Law". It has been adopted as the standard data for the elevation of the rock surface of the Mount Everest in the United States.
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(10 day ago) Chinese into second Antarctic tourism largest source country regulations promoting the orderly development of the Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Shiping map of China in 2017 to Antarctic travel nearly 5300 people, has become the second largest source country of Antarctic Tour of Chinese Antarctic tourism is growing rapidly, from 2005 to 100 passengers in 2017 to nearly 5300 people, second only to 15 thousand people in the United States, as a tourist the second largest source country.
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(10 day ago) Cross-border e-commerce to adapt to personalized, customized consumer trends, so that "buy the world, sell the world" into reality. 1, to make the world smaller and make the market bigger "Yesterday, I took the subway to the city center in Beijing, the subway is very quiet. Almost all passengers are watching mobile phones, and some are playing games, send messages, there In shopping, the Internet has become an indispensable platform and foundation in life.
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(11 day ago) At the same time, CCTV official also released the "Tongue 3" general publicity film, the theme is "Love is the best seasoning," will also be broadcast on multiple CCTV channels. The opening ceremony of Tongue 3 was also held in Beijing yesterday.
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(12 day ago) Tencent technology news, in February 9th, at the first World Customs cross-border electricity supplier conference, Ma Yun said that China produced an average of one hundred million packages per day. In the next eight to ten years, China may produce 1 billion packages a day, while more than 15% must come from cross-border.
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(12 day ago) Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine professor Yang Yongqing bronchial asthma is a common respiratory disease seriously affect human health, the main drug treatment is the routine corticosteroids and beta 2 receptor agonist drugs, these drugs in addition to a variety of side effects, but also very prone to drug resistance, can relieve symptoms and other issues, so that a new target for treatment of asthma the new drug R & D, the treatment of asthma is a serious challenge facing the current asthma.
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, industry sources said that in order to ensure the Face ID system 3D sensor module supply, Apple will add two Chinese suppliers this year. Face ID is a facial recognition system that is one of the hallmarks of the iPhone X.
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(12 day ago) In the 2017, China Mobile's 4G users and broadband service were still growing steadily. Not long ago, mobile also launched the "unlimited traffic card", which means that China Mobile's traditional business dividends have disappeared in the fierce civil war and "speed up and reduce fees" background.
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(12 day ago) At the first temporary shareholders' meeting of China Unicom in 2018, China Unicom announced that the company's board of directors was in advance. The reason for the early change is the introduction of new shareholders, which also means that China Unicom has taken a big step forward.
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