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QualComm(高通)News list

(9 hr ago) After Qualcomm announced a price increase to acquire NXP and quickly reached an agreement on equity trading with some of its major shareholders, Broadcom, a hostile takeover of Qualcomm, made a very unsatisfying response. Price increase of NXP, is considered to block Broadcom malicious acquisition of Qualcomm can adopt the most daring defensive mode.
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(14 hr ago) In exchange, Qualcomm entered into a binding agreement with nine shareholders of NXP to back the deal. The nine shareholders own more than 28% of NXP shares, including activist investor Elliott Management. This is by far the most provocative move by Qualcomm to defeat Broadcom's $ 121 billion hostile takeover.
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(1 day ago) This means that Qualcomm raised its offer by about 16% from 39 billion U.S. dollars to about 44 billion U.S. dollars. This is obviously to meet the requirements of NXP shareholders. The lowest share ratio of acquisition of outstanding shares so that NXP shareholders get more power to stop the transaction, but also let Qualcomm face upward pressure on pricing.
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(2 day ago) Get 80% stake to ensure NXP support the completion of the acquisition of the company's trading, Qualcomm and its advisers have been working overtime to find the final purchase price reasonable. In order to resist the $121 billion offer offered by the company to the company, Qualcomm wants to buy a bid to buy NJI.
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(4 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Broadcom previously proposed to purchase Qualcomm for a price of 121 billion US dollars. The Qualcomm board of directors said on Friday that the talks with Broadcom this week failed to reach an agreement on the deal. As a result, the fate of the deal will most likely be up to Qualcomm shareholders.
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(4 day ago) Qualcomm and Broadcom executives met for the first time on February 14 to discuss Broadcom's current offer of $ 82 per share offer. Qualcomm's board of directors insisted that Broadcom existing $ 121 billion acquisition proposal seriously underestimated the value of the company and faced unacceptably high risks, which is not in the best interests of the shareholders of the company.
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(6 day ago) After the New York talks, Qualcomm said in a notice: "earlier today, we held a two hour meeting with representatives of Broadcom, and listened carefully to their opinions. The high pass board will quickly hold a meeting to discuss the outcome of the meeting and determine the next step.
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(7 day ago) However, long ago, Qualcomm introduced a 5G baseband Snapdragon X50, reached 5Gbps downstream, then what is the significance of X24? In fact, because the 5G standard has not yet been fully finalized, the X50 verification is more robust and based on the old 28nm process, it is impossible to directly use it in future high-end handsets.
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(8 day ago) In terms of system performance test, AnandTech found Xiaolong 845's CPU score was 14% higher than that of Xiaolong 835's Galaxy S8 (the score of Google Pixel 2 is also similar).
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(8 day ago) On the eve of the negotiation between Qualcomm and Broadcom on Wednesday's $121 billion M & a deal, Chen Fuyang, chief executive of Broadcom, said on Monday that he was "very frugal" in his interview with CNBC, the US news channel. If there was no control over the board of the company in the March Qualcomm shareholders meeting, it would mean the breakup of the acquisition of high Qualcomm.
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(8 day ago) Once the transaction failed to obtain regulatory approval, Broadcom will pay Qualcomm $ 8 billion in "break-up fee." "I'm the kind of thrifty guy.Do you think, if you think about it again, am I willing to pay $ 8 billion in break-up fees?" Chen Fuyang said in an interview with CNBC on Monday on Squawk on the Street.
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(9 day ago) Sources revealed on Sunday that Qualcomm and Broadcom plans to hold talks on the $ 121 billion M & A deal on Wednesday. This will be the first time that the two companies have negotiated a deal for potential mergers and acquisitions.
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(9 day ago) Although most of the flagship processor chips change the cycle only one year, but a week after Wear 2100 usher in the birthday of two years old. This processor for Android Wea platform was released in February 2016, but Qualcomm did not release successor processor last year, and it seems that Qualcomm also did not intend to launch successor products. This seems to already mean that Qualcomm has already given up the smart watch market.
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(9 day ago) Sohu Technology / Lu Linxuan In addition, Geekbench's score shows that single-core run is divided into 2461, multi-core run is divided into 8456, beyond the current Android camp data, but not before the iPhone X data. However, Qualcomm staff also stressed: In terms of user experience, benchmarking measures only some of the metrics of a terminal, such as CPU performance, GPU performance, and, to some extent, memory performance.
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(10 day ago) Data Sheet Broadcom said the latest proposal is very beneficial for Qualcomm and its shareholders and looks forward to discussing the merger with Qualcomm, and Broadcom's proposed $ 8 billion break-up fee accounted for 6.6% of the total transaction volume. As the acquirer, Qualcomm said that if the company accepted Broadcom, then they may lose two major customers, and the transaction is likely to fail to obtain regulatory approval.
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(11 day ago) The Snapdragon 670 will replace the current Snapdragon 660, and like it, the CPU core configuration will appear as the big.LITTLE setting. Unlike the 660, which has four low-end cores and four high-end cores, the latter will have two high-end custom Cortex A-75 cores (known as the Kryo 300 Gold architecture) and six low-end custom Cortex A-55 cores (Known as the Kryo 300 Silver architecture) ...
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(11 day ago) Chen Fuyang wrote in the letter: "For a long time, Broadcom has been hoping to hold a meeting with Qualcomm to discuss Broadcom's acquisition of Qualcomm.With Qualcomm today announced its willingness to meet with us, we propose the two sides on Friday, Saturday or week I was surprised to learn that Qualcomm was reluctant to meet with us by Tuesday - just after Qualcomm and Broadcom met Glass Lewis, an investment firm consultant, and ISS, respectively.
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(11 day ago) Qualcomm announced on Thursday that the company's board of directors has unanimously rejected a non-binding unsolicited offer by Broadcom. Broadcom announced on February 5 it would acquire all Qualcomm shares at $ 82 a share ($ 60 cash plus Broadcom, worth $ 22).
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(11 day ago) Although Chen Fuyang reiterated that the offer of $ 82 per share is the "best final offer," he also said he could modify the merger proposal to add an additional $ 8 billion in termination fees and a 6% annual regulatory waiting fee for the cash portion of the consideration Dividends).
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(12 day ago) In this acquisition battle, why Chinese manufacturers so nervous? And why one side down to choose for the Qualcomm wave flag shout? Worries of China's mobile phone manufacturers The world's two major telecommunications giant tear each other, hastened the Qualcomm's "partners" in China. Vivo CEO Shen Wei said that the cooperation with Qualcomm now good results, but if Qualcomm was acquired by Broadcom, it will bring uncertainty, as companies are reluctant to uncertainty.
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(12 day ago) CEO Chen Fu-yang Tanock wrote to Qualcomm Chairman Paul Jacobs, urging Qualcomm to meet this weekend to discuss a $82 a share offer and a $8 billion reverse termination.
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(12 day ago) X50 will expand mobile services to less than 6GHz frequency bands and millimeter wave (mmWave) bands, while supporting 4G and 5G connections to ensure the normal use of 4G in the transition period. High Qualcomm mobile phone manufacturers include many well-known brands, covering millions of users in North and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.
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(12 day ago) In addition, Qualcomm also said the company has taken the initiative to propose a meeting with Broadcom in order to discuss whether the two sides can solve the problem of undervaluation. Broadcom on Monday raised the bid offer price, from the previous 70 US dollars per share raised to 82 US dollars per share.
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(14 day ago) In 2017, the pace of millet went to sea continued to accelerate. Although domestic market trend is flat, millet still has two digit growth, and the first in the fourth quarter in the India market. Lin Bin said that the market potential of developing countries such as India, Indonesia and Eastern Europe is huge.
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(15 day ago) She participated in the creation of Microsoft's Microsoft Ventures, and successfully led the team to complete more than 40 investments. In 2017, the list of the most influential female engineers in the United States came from Microsoft's Peggy Johnson.
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(15 day ago) Bon announced on Monday that it had raised its bid to $82 A share, with a total price of $121 billion. Of these, $60 is paid in cash, while the rest is embodied in the form of stock.
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(15 day ago) The news that Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor is expected before the end of this year on the line, will be Windows 10 on ARM device appearance. So how will Xiao Long 850 specific? Foreign media think the change in the number of updates from the point of view is not great, Snapdragon 850 in performance will be close to the Snapdragon 845, may only be slightly improved for notebook products.
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(16 day ago) Qualcomm confirmed on Monday that the company has received a non-binding unsolicited offer by Broadcom. Broadcom will acquire 60 percent of its cash and 22 million worth of Broadcom stock to acquire all of Qualcomm's outstanding shares.
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(16 day ago) On the evening of February 5, according to foreign media reports, Broadcom will raise its quotation for QUALCOMM to $ 82 / share, of which $ 60 will be paid in cash with a total purchase price of $ 145 billion.
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