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Meizu(魅族)News list

(4 day ago) Making it in a Type-C plug or wireless headset can give consumers better choice, and the sound quality can also be better. The relevant accessories are in progress, and Huangzhang has also published the sketch of the accessories (as shown in the figure below). In addition, some netizens speculated that Meizu might announce a price reduction. Meizu Science and Technology has already reduced the prices of Meizu 16 series, Meizu V8 and other products.
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(10 day ago) According to the officially announced process of Meizu, Flyme 7.2 requires users to update their Meizu mobile phone system to the latest version first, and then click on the registration to participate. The registration channel will be opened from now, and the registration will be closed in August this month. Previously, the Meizu Flyme system did not have a negative screen common to domestic smartphones.
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(14 day ago) CSI APP News (Reporter Zhang Xingwang) China Securities Journal reporter learned from Zhuhai sources on January 2 that Meizu Technology will receive a fund injection of more than 100 million yuan, and is still going through the process.
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(14 day ago) Sun Yanbiao, president of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute, told China Securities News that Meizu Science and Technology does not lack product and marketing capabilities. Its dilemma is that it encounters capital and supply chain problems and has no strong backing. If Zhuhai Municipal Government injects capital, it can solve the "burning urgency" of Meizu Science and Technology. "As long as the supply chain is open, other things will be easy to do.
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(16 day ago) The following is the resume of Yang Yan: from 2011 to 2014, he served as the director of Meizu products; since 2014, he served as the vice president of Meizu R&D, responsible for the design, development and operation of the mobile software system “Flyme OS”; in May 2017, the new Meizu group was established. Meizu Business Department, Charm Blue Business Unit, Flyme Business Unit, Yang Yansheng is Senior Vice President of Meizu Technology and President of Flyme Business Unit; In December 2017, he began to manage related business and team management of Parts Business Department and E-commerce Business Department; 2018 June of the year...
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(22 day ago) Not only that, Meizu 16X rear flagship sensor Sony IMX380 (12 million pixels), while the accessory Sony IMX350 (12 million pixels), supporting three times lossless zoom and four-axis optical anti-shake. In addition, Meizu 16X supports screen fingerprint recognition, as well as Alipay and WeChat fingerprint payment and application unlocking.
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(25 day ago) According to Huang Zhang's information, the next generation of Meizu flagship is called Meizu 16S series. The series continues the design of the Meizu 16th series and incorporates wireless charging and NFC functions in this technology (Huangzhang confirms that only Meizu 16S Plus supports wireless charging).
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(26 day ago) The netizen said: "From the logo and cafe category, Meizu will cross the border to make tea, look forward to!!!" Trademark instructions show that its goods/services include coffee, tea drinks, sugar, sandwiches and other items. Some netizens quipped, "So will there be any chance to drink Huangzhang's hand-polished milk tea on the market in the future?" Another netizen said, "Mobile phones are really just making friends, so they sell milk tea.
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(37 day ago) As for the 55W super fast charging technology that appeared on MWC before, Huang Zhang said that 55W fast charging technology is no problem, but the faster the charging speed is required, the lower the energy density of the battery and the smaller the battery capacity. In recent years, because of the safety of the battery, the energy density has not been improved, so the charging speed is relatively conservative for the battery capacity.
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(37 day ago) The front profile of the figure basically follows the current 16th concept, but the upper and lower frames are further narrowed and equal width is achieved. In the narrow "forehead" position, components such as long-shaped earpieces and front-facing cameras are also hidden. Huang Zhang was very happy after reading it. "Well, there is a charm friend who pursues to understand me.
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(40 day ago) On December 7th, the Meizu official finally gave a follow-up. It released a video on the official Weibo. The video content shows that a handsome guy in sportswear starts the parkour in the city street, and he holds a pair of Meizu double 12 activities. Small advertisements, swaying in high and low steps, slopes, and railings.
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(41 day ago) Core configuration, Meizu C9 equipped with Unisoc SC9832E chipset, this chip uses mature 28nm HPC+ process technology, built-in 4-core ARM Cortex A53 processor, clocked at 1.4GHz, equipped with 3D graphics acceleration Mali T820 MP1 graphics processor, support Five-mode Cat 4 communications with VoLTE, ViLTE and VoWiFi capabilities.
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(43 day ago) Professional unlimited, requires three years of parkour experience, sports specialty students are preferred. With 3 years experience in urban management and public relations, the ability to evade urban management is preferred. In addition, the post also requires to understand the distribution of the electric poles in the alleys of Guangshen Street in the north, to have a deep understanding of offline advertising, and to have their own working methods.
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(48 day ago) In this way, next year we can confirm that there are four products in the Meizu Anniversary Flagship Series. Among them, Meizu 16S and Meizu 16S Plus are undoubtedly the most concerned. According to the information disclosed by Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu Science and Technology, Meizu 16S and Meizu 16S Plus will continue the design of Meizu 16 series and will appear as soon as May.
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(54 day ago) About the ColorOS 6 system, OPPO official website has a detailed introduction, from the interface to color to typesetting, as well as animation are all new design, compared with the previous style, the design of ColorOS 6 is also upgraded to the direction of small, clean, simple and generous.
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(55 day ago) From Huang Zhang's point of view, Meizu 16S will not directly add independent music chips, but will introduce adapter accessories products with music chips, which can be purchased by users with higher requirements for music playback. Previously, in Meizu community, Huang Zhang did not respond positively to the question of "whether the screen of Meizu mobile phone will use the drilling scheme", but said that Meizu 16 is the best comprehensive screen scheme in his mind, of course, it still needs intensive cultivation.
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(60 day ago) In addition to Cellon 845, Meizu 16 series cameras are also eye-catching. It has a 12 million 20 million double camera, 12 million of which is a Sony IMX380, unit pixel area of 1. 55 μ m, supports 3 times lossless zoom, four axis optical anti-shake, and a F / 1.8 aperture.
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(61 day ago) Meizu Note 8 has been released, the aircraft is located in the "National Photo phone." It has a 12 million 5 million double camera, of which 12 million main lens is a Sony IMX362, unit pixel area of 1.4 μ m, which supports the Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing. At the same time, it adds the rainbow soft double photography algorithm, and the dreamlike human image is shot immediately.
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(61 day ago) From the photo, the machine continues the back fingerprint design, the back of the "square four shots", a total of four cameras. Look at the combination should be Meizu Note 8 original IMX362 large aperture of the main depth of field lens on the basis of the addition of super wide angle lens long focal lens.
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(63 day ago) In terms of shape, it is reported that the shape of Meizu 16S is similar to cash 16th, and the frame may be made of stainless steel. This means that the Meizu 16S probably won't use Liu Haiping, or completely retain the current positive style, or use Samsung's Infinity-O hole-digging screen.
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(73 day ago) It is worth mentioning that Meizu Technology announced today that Meizu Note 8 Flame Red Edition will be launched exclusively at 10:00 on November 5 by JingDong Mall for 1298 yuan. It has 12 million 5 million pairs of cameras, 12 million of which are Sony's IMX362, unit pixel area of 1.4 μ m. It supports Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing, with a aperture of F / 1.9. With the rainbow soft double-shot algorithm, you can make a fantastic portrait.
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(73 day ago) Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus all use AMOLED display screen, the resolution is 2160 × 10 80, screen aspect ratio is 18: 9. Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus display provided by Samsung, using a COF packaging process, has a narrow to the right or left of the 1.43mm, its mass production width directly down to 40mm, with only the 7mm's upper border.
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(73 day ago) In this regard, Meizu Technology founder Huang Zhang responded: "follow the middle." Huang Zhang also talked about the Meizu Flyme advertising problem. Huang Zhang said that the current Internet revenue is very important for the company. As the mobile phone hardware business gets better and better, the advertising push will also become more and more convergent.
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(80 day ago) Access to the purchase entrance: Meizu 16th/16th Plus After a period of capacity climbing, Meizu 16 series finally ushered in the spot. October 27th news, Suning Tesco platform shows Meizu 16th 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB and Meizu 16th Plus 8GB+128GB version can be ordered to buy, starting at 2998 yuan, Nanjing area consumers can place orders tomorrow Receiving goods.
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(83 day ago) Color matching includes obsidian, gray, smoke purple and flame red. The Meizu Note 8 is equipped with a 6.0-inch full-screen (86 percent screen), a Mirage 632 processor, 4GB memory, 64GB storage, 12 million pixels (IMX362) + 5 million pixels post-dual-camera, 8 million pixels pre-self-timer, and 3,600 mAh battery. The price is 1298 yuan, and is officially on sale at 0 o'clock on November 1st.
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(83 day ago) The Meizu note 8 features a metal fuselage, 6-inch FHD screen, 1080P resolution, a Qualcomm Cellon 632 processor, a 12.005 billion pixel rear camera, a 5 million pixel front camera and a battery capacity of 3600mAh. And support 18 watt fast charging program.
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(83 day ago) Core configuration, Meizu Note 8 runs Qualcomm Cellon 632 processor, this chip uses a new Kryo 250 architecture, eight-core processor, the entire 4 64GB memory, and equipped with Honor of Kings Vulkan mode, Let Meizu Note 8 in the game frame rate and video processing performance superior.
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(83 day ago) On screen, Meizu X8 uses 6.2-inch 2220 × 1080 Liu Hai screen, the aspect ratio of screen is 18.5: 9. The official introduction Meizu X8 uses COF packaging technology to realize ultra-narrow bottom border. On the core configuration, Meizu X8 is equipped with Qualcomm Cellon 710 processor, equipped with LPDDR4X memory, 20 million pixels front camera, 3210 mAh. battery capacity, running Flyme system based on Android O depth customization.
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(84 day ago) In the video, a beautiful woman is playing with a Meizu X8, it looks normal, but in the moment when the beauty puts the phone down, the surprise appears: we saw two new color styles on the back of the Meizu X8, both The popular gradient design is now a blue-violet tone and a gold-tone tone.
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(87 day ago) According to previously exposed information, Meizu Note 8 will be equipped with a 6.0-inch 2160 × 1080 full screen with a aspect ratio of 18: 9, BWH 153.64 × 75.56 × 7.95mm and a weight of 168g, providing four colors: black, red, blue and purple. The machine also features an eight-core processor, 4GB memory 64GB storage, a rear 12 million 8 million dual photo, a front 8 million pixel, and a battery capacity of 3, 500 mAh.
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