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Meizu(魅族)News list

(5 day ago) It is reported that the principle of DC dimming is to change the brightness of the screen by increasing or reducing the power of the circuit. Power = voltage x current, so changing voltage or current can change screen brightness. The good news is that besides black shark game phones, Meizu phones may also provide DC dimming.
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(10 day ago) According to the data, Meizu Science and Technology was founded in March 2003, started with MP3 and launched MX. It took only three years for Meizu to become the first brand in the field of MP3 Walkman in China. In 2007, Meizu officially entered the smartphone field. In 2009, Meizu M8, the first large-screen full-touch smartphone in China, was officially launched.
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(13 day ago) Looking back at the whole year of 2018, data from IDC show that OV, millet, glory, Huawei and Apple account for 87.5% of the total, and the stock market competition is more intense. Only Huawei, Glory and vivo have achieved growth. The rest of them have declined in varying degrees. The most serious decline is that they belong to Meizu, which is down 79% from the same period last year.
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(13 day ago) On the afternoon of March 11, Hong Hanshengfa microblog said that when he returned to his office in the morning, the engineer of the team told me that after the updating of Antu Rabbit to v7.2.5 version, the 6G version could only run to 1797,000 yuan, which was 300 short. What should I do? (At that time, I vomited an old blood.) I can only apologize here, seriously apologize.
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(16 day ago) It is reported that the Meizu screen breaker is a business launched by the Meizu government. Only the machine can activate users within five days, and ensure that the machine is selfless dismantling, no further study and other mainland China's Meizu mobile phones can be purchased. The guarantee period is one year. During the guarantee period, when the mobile phone is in normal use and the mobile phone is broken due to non-human accidents such as falling, squeezing and collision, the user can send the mobile phone to the maintenance center for free maintenance and replacement of the original Meizu screen.
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(18 day ago) At the beginning of the conference, Li Nan, senior vice president of Meizu, mentioned the cost of 1000 yuan. He said that Meizu's 1000 yuan machine is definitely not the same as other manufacturers. Meizu devoted all his efforts to Note 9 and made a lot of customizations. It is totally different from the model machine on the market. It has a good appearance, smooth performance and powerful photography.
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(18 day ago) The Meilong Note9 is powered by an 11nm LPP process, a new eight-core Kryo 460 architecture, a 2xA76 2.0GHz core +6xA55 1.7GHz core, an Adreno 612 GPU and a Hexagon 685 DSP.
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(19 day ago) Meizu Zero's main selling point is the world's first non-porous mobile phone, the concept is very advanced. Specifically, the machine uses Unibody integrated ceramic fuselage with no holes and solid keys. It supports IP68 class dust and waterproof, and can be immersed in water for 30 minutes.
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(19 day ago) In night photography, 48 million people will also intelligently synthesize 1.6 micron large pixels, capture more dark details, and cooperate with super night mode, the imaging effect is worth looking forward to. In the core configuration, Meizu Note 9 uses a water drop screen, carries a Qualcomm M675 mobile platform, equipped with 6GB memory, 20 million pixels in front, and has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.
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(21 day ago) Huang Zhang also said that Meizu 16s is 10% expensive, and it is only natural to buy 10%. This means that Meizu 16s is very likely to raise prices. Before Huang Zhang said that "Meizu 16s can not afford to lose 2998 yuan", suggesting that the price of the machine may exceed 3,000 yuan, perhaps the final retail price is 3298 yuan.
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(21 day ago) Specifically, the machine uses Unibody integrated ceramic body, body-free, no physical button design, support IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, can be soaked under water for 30 minutes. To this end, Meizu applied mSound2.0 screen sound technology, screen fingerprint, virtual side pressure button, mEngine2.0 linear motor, eSIM virtual card, air card, 18W wireless fast charge, wireless USB 3.0 and other technologies.
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(22 day ago) There are charm friends guess Meizu 16s rear lens is Sony IMX350 (20 million pixels) + Sony IMX380 (12 million pixels), Huang Zhang said that it is "Sony IMX586 (48 million) + OIS optical image stabilization."
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(23 day ago) The following is the full text of Meizu's interview: 1. How to view the Outline of the Development Planning of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District? What changes will the formulation of the Planning Outline bring to enterprise development/entrepreneurship? The promulgation of the outline reflects the scientific and forward-looking strategic planning and layout capabilities of the Party and the government. It is an important measure to revitalize the economy after taking full account of the location characteristics and economic structure of the Dawan area on the basis of drawing lessons from the excellent experience of developed countries in the world.
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(23 day ago) However, the spy photos intercepted by Slashleaks this afternoon show that Meizu seems to have prepared the Note 9 Lite version of the Mylon 660 chip. According to the information of Antu Rabbit, the model of this machine is M1922 (Meizu Note 9 is M1923/M923Q), and the post-camera is adjusted to 12.2 million pixels, with 144,000 runs.
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(25 day ago) Configuration, Meizu Note 9 equipped with 11nm process Snapdragon 675 chip (GPU Adreno612, An Bunny 178,000 points super Snapdragon 710), standard 4 + 64GB storage, rear 48 million pixels + 5 million pixels dual camera.
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(26 day ago) Interestingly, the identification information shows that the mobile phone model is M1923, and according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Antu Rabbit detection information, this is almost certainly Meizu's upcoming new Meizu Note 9. After the news came out, some netizens lamented that this beautiful woman was too careless, and some people suspected that Meizu was intentionally hyping to attract attention, which was embarrassing anyway.
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(30 day ago) In other configurations, Meizu Note 9 uses a 6.2-inch water drop screen with a resolution of 2244 × 1080, a 6GB memory 64GB storage, a front 20 million pixel camera, a rear 48 million 5 million AI dual camera, and a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh.
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(37 day ago) Watch the video: 47517041332. In the video, Sin first talks about wireless charging. The zero-hundred-minute time of the 18W Qi fast charging board attached by Meizu is about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
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(39 day ago) Now, nearly half a month has passed. We find that Meizu Zero is not slow in raising funds overseas. Considering its high price, the strong support of 30 supporters exceeded expectations. By the time of publication, it had raised a total of $34287, with a total target of $100,000, 34% of which had been achieved, leaving 17 days to go.
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(39 day ago) If this is not the news before the Spring Festival holiday, the outside world may not be optimistic about Meizu's year, and will not have greater expectations for Meizu in 2019. On February 2nd, in the New Year speech issued by Meizhang Chairman and CEO Huang Zhang, the two key words that attracted the attention of the outside world were Ali Eco Chain and Mixed Equity.
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(49 day ago) According to the information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Meizu Note9 is M923Q, with a 6.2-inch full screen, a fuselage thickness of only 8.65 mm and a built-in 3900 mAh large capacity battery. According to the previous Meizu founder Huang Zhang, Meizu Note9 may be equipped with M675 processor, Antu Rabbit runs more than 170,000 points, which is very competitive.
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(51 day ago) Huang Zhang stressed that the prospects of the mobile phone industry are still broad, and Meizu will fill the marketing shortcomings, lay out the 5G and IOHT strategies, strengthen the connection with the Ali ecological chain, and introduce the mixed equity of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. In February 2015, Meizu received a strategic investment of 650 million US dollars, of which Alibaba invested 590 million US dollars, and released a number of mobile phones based on the Ali YunOS system, but has been ignorant.
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(53 day ago) At the same time, Meizu Zero also supports mSound 2.0 screen voice technology, virtual side press button, mEngine 2.0 linear motor, eSIM virtual card, air card and other technologies. The mobile phone uses a 5.99-inch AMOLED super-clear full screen. For the first time, the fingerprint of the screen has been realized on the OLED flexible screen. It is equipped with a 20-megapixel face recognition front-end camera, followed by Sony IMX 380.12-megapixel and IM350.20-megapixel dual-camera combination of 16th Meizu.
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(56 day ago) The vivo APEX series announced the first generation of models last year at MWC. At that time, the idea of ​​Vivo was to show the future shape of the mobile phone with this mobile phone, providing a new direction for mobile phone design. The same is true for the vivo APEX 2019 shown today.
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(57 day ago) 1. At present, it is still "porous" and practical; 2. Our wireless fast charging can achieve 24W, but the actual battery can only achieve 18W or so, and the efficiency of wired 24W is low. 3 and 5G will be 2020 and at least $100-200.
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(58 day ago) For Meizu zero, it uses a 5.99-inch non-Liu Hai flexible full-scale screen, the fuselage is ceramic-in-one design, no SIM slot openings, thanks to this, so that the machine supports IP68 waterproof, 2 meters deep underwater can stay for 30 minutes.
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(60 day ago) Before the start of today's press conference, Meizu did not even have a decent warm-up. At the earliest, Li Nan posted a notice on his personal Weibo, and the entire live broadcast process was like Li Nan's daily live broadcast in a personal live broadcast. This kind of simplification is not only a problem of set, Li Nan seems to be not skilled enough to rehearse, PPT has repeatedly appeared "spoiler", and the explanation is also embarrassing.
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(60 day ago) If you always pay attention to the forum or Weibo of Huang Zhang, you will find that Huang Zhang has spoiled the next generation of Meizu's new flagship, do not believe? Let's move on. Not called Meizu 17 still continues Meizu 16 series code The reason why Meizu 16th name appeared in 2018, because 2018 is the 16th anniversary of Meizu, then 2019 is the 17th anniversary of Meizu, Meizu's new flagship is also correspondingly called Meizu 17th? On Weibo, Huang Zhang inadvertently revealed Meizu's next-generation flagship continuation Meizu 16 series code - Meizu 16S and Meizu 16S Plus.
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(60 day ago) On January 23, Meizu held a new product launch on its "poreless mobile phone". This cell phone without holes is called zero. Meizu Zero uses Unibody 3D ceramic fuselage, the lines of the whole machine will be more square, with the standard curved surface OLED screen, so that Zero looks a bit like the shadow of other machines.
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(60 day ago) First of all, Super mCharge Wireless Wireless Super Fast Charging. Li Nan, Senior Vice President of Meizu Science and Technology, introduced that Meizu's self-developed Super mCharge Wireless Wireless Super Fast Charging takes two years, has up to 75 proprietary technologies, charging power up to 18W, is the fastest and most advanced wireless charging technology in the industry.
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