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(2 day ago) [TechWeb] On October 16, the online update of the prospectus will be on the New York Stock Exchange on October 25, with a prospectus of $15 to $18 and a stock code of "DAO".
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(7 day ago) Just from the online education leader New Oriental online, good future release of financial results, VIPKID twists and turns in the financing process, NetEase youdao IPO timing can not be said to be very good. Even the IPO data disclosed by youdao itself are hard to prove how prominent it is in this fierce competition.
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(16 day ago) Lei Gang, from NetEase youdao, an independent subsidiary of official account QbitAI, submitted a offering to SEC on September 30 and plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange. The stock code tentatively proposes to raise $300 million, according to NetEase youdao, an independent subsidiary of the official QbitAI.
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(17 day ago) After formally completing the listing, he will become the first independent listing company in the company. The prospectus shows that there is a different right structure in the same stock. Before the IPO, the controlling shareholder held a 66.2% stake in the company. Among them, the founder shareholding ratio was 30.1%, and the proportion of CEO holdings was 20.6%.
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(17 day ago) Tencent Technology News, NetEase's youdao filed a statement on Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission (FORM F / 1) and plans to raise up to $300 million through an initial public offering of (IPO). Youdao in the IPO did not disclose the amount of issuance, issue price range and other information.
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(17 day ago) NetEase has already appointed Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, CIC, Credit Suisse Group and HSBC as underwriters for IPO transactions. The prospectus shows that, at the same time, the private placement of the largest institutional shareholder Orbis fund has been committed at the same time, promising to purchase a class a common stock with a total purchase of $125 million.
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(18 day ago) [TechWeb] Sept. 30, according to Tian Eye Check public information, Netease Koala related company "Hangzhou Premium Sale Network Technology Co., Ltd." has undergone industrial and commercial changes recently. Among them, Ding Lei and others withdrew from the ranks of shareholders and took over by Hangzhou Alibaba Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., holding 100%.
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(21 day ago) If successful IPO, NetEase youdao will be the first independent listed company in NetEase Department. The average number of monthly active users of more than 100 million youdao CEO Zhou Feng and NetEase founder Ding Lei met in 2004. Among the stories spread, Zhou Feng was studying for a doctorate in computer science at the University of Berkley, while Ding Lei was struggling to find ways to prevent spam for his 163 email address.
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(23 day ago) Later, Ma Yun answered more bluntly, "I didn't think about attending or not attending, no one invited me anyway, of course, I don't necessarily have time to invite either." For a while, Ding Lei and Ma Yun's vicious remarks came out in a fog. At the Wuzhen Summit in 2018, Feng Qingyang and Ding Lei eventually appeared in front of the media lens, and ate Ding Sanshi's Netease snacks to talk about his worship of Mr. Jinyong.
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(26 day ago) IT Home on September 22 has announced that many disks have been closed in recent years. Now Netease has officially announced that they will be closed on November 30, 2019. Users need to download and save their files before that.
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(27 day ago) It is reported that the project of modern agro-ecological industrial chain in Shengzhou, Shaoxing, includes many farms. It will continue the concept of ecological breeding, and will be built into a modern agricultural park with large-scale, scientific and technological, quality and ecology, which integrates environmental protection and efficient treatment centers.
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(39 day ago) Including cash and about 14.3 million newly issued common shares of Alibaba (equivalent to about 1.8 million U.S. depository shares), the value is about $300 million. Alibaba also agreed to invest $468 million in cash for a minority stake in Netease Music (Netease Music Streaming Media Service). The completion of this transaction depends on certain conditions. Yunfeng Capital will also make a small investment in NetEase Music.
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(42 day ago) In addition, Zhang Lei, the chief executive of NetEase, also issued an internal letter saying that no longer be the CEO of the Colla and transferred to the Tmall Import and Export Business Consultant. The data shows that the network is a comprehensive e-commerce based on cross-border business. On January 9,2015, the public survey and sales category covers mother and infant, beauty and makeup, home life, nutrition and health care, global food, clothing, luggage, digital household appliances, and so on.
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(42 day ago) Sina Technologies News, September 6 morning news, September 6 morning, Alibaba announced in the official microblog, and Netease reached strategic cooperation. Alibaba Group purchased Netease's cross-border e-commerce platform Koala with a wholly-owned investment of US$2 billion, while Alibaba participated as a lead investor in Netease Yunyun Music's financing of US$700 million.
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(42 day ago) According to reports, Koala will maintain independent brand operation. Liu Peng, general manager of Tianmao Import and Export Business Group, is also CEO of Koala. What will the acquisition of Koala bring to Ali? What impact does selling koalas have on NetEase? Let's look at the philosophy behind the two companies.
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(42 day ago) On September 6, Alibaba and Netease announced a strategic cooperation. Alibaba purchased Netease's cross-border e-commerce platform Koala with a total investment of $2 billion. At the same time, Alibaba, as the lead investor, participated in the financing of NetEase Yun Music for $700 million.
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(42 day ago) Netease will continue to vigorously support the development of Netease cloud music, promote Chinese original musicians to create better works, achieve greater dreams, and provide world-class music services for Chinese users. Alibaba said that we are very happy to participate in the development of NetEase Yun music, and hope that in the future, more chemical reactions will be produced on both sides of the cultural entertainment sector.
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(42 day ago) According to the introduction, koalas will maintain independent brand operation, and Liu Peng, general manager of Tmall Import and Export Group, will also serve as koala CEO.. Ding Lei, chief executive of NetEase, said he was pleased to reach cooperation with Alibaba, which is in line with NetEase's strategic choice in the new period and is conducive to the long-term development of all parties.
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(42 day ago) Netease Technologies News, September 6, news, Netease company is now announcing that Netease Yunyun Music has been financed by Alibaba, Yunfeng Fund and a total of 700 million dollars. It is reported that the financing for Netease Cloud Music B2 round of financing, after financing Netease company still has a separate control of Netease Cloud Music.
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(43 day ago) As of the release, Ali did not comment, NetEase has not yet responded. According to public information, NetEase Cloud Music has been raised to round B, and the valuation has soared. In April 2017, NetEase Cloud Music announced the completion of round A financing, including Shanghai Radio and Television, Mango Wenchuang, etc., the total amount of financing totaled 750 million yuan, investors accounted for about 10 percent of the stock, calculated that the post-investment valuation of 7.5 billion yuan (pre-investment valuation of about $1 billion); In October 2018, NetEase Cloud Music completed a $600 million B round of financing.
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(43 day ago) [TechWeb] Sept. 5, according to all-weather technology reports, NetEase Yunyun Music is conducting a new round of financing, which will amount to $9 billion or more, of which Ali accounts for 20% of the shares. According to this calculation, Ali's investment in this round of financing is about $2 billion.
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(44 day ago) Tech Planet learned from a variety of independent sources that it had been rumored that the collapse of Alibaba's acquisition network, Yi koala, had been basically implemented and entered the end, and that the net Yi koala would be included in Tmall's import and export department, with the brand unchanged. Tmall International Senior Director Liu Yiman will take over as CEO, and is expected to announce it on Friday.
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(51 day ago) In August 2019, Netease announced an unexpected data: Netease cloud music users exceeded 800 million and increased by 50% year-on-year. However, Tencent Music, known for its copyright dominance, had only 654 million monthly active people on various platforms, including Cool Dog Music, QQ Music and Cool Me Music, as of May 2019.
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(59 day ago) In the middle of this month, it was reported that Alibaba’s acquisition of NetEase’s cross-border e-commerce NetEase koala has been confirmed, with a price of US$2 billion, paid in full cash, and integrated with Ali’s cross-border e-commerce platform Tmall International. The two sides will also carry out other forms of cooperation and transactions.
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(59 day ago) According to the statement at the time, this heavy transaction will be announced on August 20th, but when the days are up, there has been a sudden change. The latest news said that the acquisition between Alibaba and Netease koala has been collapsed, but the specific reasons are unknown. Alibaba simply responded that it would not comment, and Netease Koala did not make any comment.
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(63 day ago) Although Ali and Netease have not yet been officially announced, various versions of "gossip" have emerged on social platforms about the future of Netease Koala employees. In the anonymous business language area of social platform context, one of the most praised statements is that "Netease Koala employees will be massively laid off.
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(64 day ago) Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) today released its first fiscal quarter financial report for the 2020 fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. (Note: Alibaba's fiscal year is not synchronized with the natural year, starting from April 1 of each year, to the first The end of March 31 of the second year). In the first quarter, Alibaba's revenue was RMB 114.92 billion, and the market expectation was 111.734 billion yuan, compared with 80.92 billion yuan in the same period last year.
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(64 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to Yahoo financial data, as of Wednesday's close, Netease's market value ($33.542 billion) surpassed Baidu's ($33.136 billion) to become the fifth largest Internet company in China.
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(66 day ago) It is reported that Netease koala will sell Alibaba for US$2 billion. According to the 21st Century Business Herald, anonymous investors said that Netease Koala is in the process of financing, and the contacts may include E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Pinto. In response, Netease koala responded that "we are not commenting on market rumors."
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(71 day ago) NetEase is a company that can continue to create surprises. From 163 mailboxes to Fantasy Westward Journey, to Netease Cloud Music and Netease Koala, many people remember this company through Netease products.
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