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(1 day ago) On March 16th, Baidu and Skyworth jointly announced that they had reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Baidu Strategic Investment Skyworth Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Cool”).
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(1 day ago) Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong said at the signing ceremony of the two parties that the TV screen is the most important home Internet portal, but now Internet TV is the product of the last century. Li Yanhong believes that the future of television belongs to artificial intelligence, and voice-based natural interaction is the best TV control solution.
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(2 day ago) For the incident, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee of the relevant responsible person said that the development of network technology, access to the explosive growth of mobile phone APP terminal based on the consumers' personal information, personal information leakage caused by the risk of a steep rise, "ultra vires" lack of access to information, privacy policy is becoming more and more serious threat to the security of personal information of consumers the status quo, the protection of personal information is more serious.
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(3 day ago) For the post-80's tail, which was sandwiched between the forums and Weibo, the post bar was once their spiritual sustenance, and a large number of users created a unique bar culture and innumerable stalks. However, with the impact of the mobile Internet, it has gradually become "old state dragon", too much advertising and short video to join, making it deviate from the original intention of the word community, became a new user can not read, the old users can not stay The &ldquo...
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(5 day ago) On March 12, Tencent’s “First Line” learned that Hu Bai, the general manager of Baidu’s Post Bar Business Unit, had left recently and said in a circle of friends “finally leaving, a place that once used to laugh and snarls and cited himself as a home”.
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(7 day ago) Always pay attention to open and continue to suck to absorb new members to join the Baidu Apollo automatic driving platform, "recently uncharacteristically" initiative announced to join the California University Berkeley DeepDrive automatic driving industry alliance.
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(8 day ago) The University of California, Berkeley DeepDrive Deep Learning Autonomous Driving Industry Alliance is an industry alliance led by the University of California, Berkeley, for the application of cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning technologies in the automotive field. It includes 20 companies in the world of autopilot, including Nvidia, Qualcomm, General Motors, and Ford, to study project coverage awareness, planning decisions, deep learning, and other key areas of automated driving.
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(8 day ago) Source: AI Planet Finishing | Du Baojie The 40-second H5 contains everything that makes Li Yanhong happy: search + information flow, Baidu unmanned vehicles, small secrets, and iqiyi, red dresses represent cheerfulness and Festive, father and daughter partner filled with mutual trust and love, Baidu 2018 admission keynote is the New Year, the new Baidu.
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(8 day ago) The University of California, Berkeley DeepDrive Deep Learning Autonomous Driving Industry Alliance was led by the University of California, Berkeley, to study the industry alliance for cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning applications in the automotive field. Including the world's 20 companies in the world of autopilot, including Nvidia, Qualcomm, General Motors, and Ford, to study project coverage awareness, planning decisions, deep learning and other key areas of automatic driving.
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(9 day ago) On March 8, after the recent turmoil, Wang Jin made his first external remark today, saying that he had indeed left Jing Chi. However, the reason for leaving was not the lawsuit initiated by Baidu. Wang Jin, a former executive of Baidu, left Baidu in March 2017 and before leaving office, he was Baidu's senior vice president and general manager of the auto-driving division. After leaving Baidu, he founded the auto-driving company King Chi Technology.
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(9 day ago) (original title: Robin Li: Baidu is not in China listed Chinese investors loss) data related reading: Robin Li said: as long as the A shares listed on the policy allows hope to return as soon as possible the securities times network, according to the new financial reports, in March 2nd, the CPPCC National Committee members, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in an interview on Baidu to return to their home the listing statement.
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(9 day ago) Figure: Baidu quantum computing research institute director Duan Runyao Duan Runyao said, "Baidu will strive to promote the research plan, Baidu, Quantum Quantum" plan five years in Baidu set up a world-class research institute of quantum computing, and after five years of quantum computing will be gradually integrated into Baidu's business in the past.
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(9 day ago) March 8 news, today announced the establishment of Baidu Institute of Quantum Computing, to carry out quantum computing software and information technology applications business research. Duan Ruiyao, director of the Quantum Computing Laboratory at the University of Technology, Sydney, will assume the post of director of the institute. All the work will be reported directly to Baidu President Zhang Yaqin.
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(9 day ago) Through inquiring and checking, we can see that Guangzhou puppy Robot Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 11, 2015 with the registered capital of 10 million RMB. The information column of shareholders and contributions shows that Li Mingyuan is a natural person shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 10%. The amount of subscribed capital is 1 million yuan. Guangzhou black hole Investment Co., Ltd. is 90% of the company's legal person shareholders, and the subscribed capital is 9 million yuan.
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(10 day ago) The day before, the high precision map company wide stool technology announced the completion of several hundred million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing by IDG capital investment, capital, Lancang capital and other investment, Huaxing Alpha as the sole financial adviser to the financing.
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(11 day ago) In March 6th, "first line" was informed that Baidu recently announced the establishment of Smart Living Group (hereinafter referred to as SLG), and Baidu group president and chief operating officer Lu Qi is also general manager.
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(11 day ago) With Baidu and King Chi jointly issued an announcement, the first case of unmanned vehicles in China is almost "coming to an end." In this officially confirmed press release - King Chi technology announced the official opening of Baidu Apollo open platform to become Apollo partners. The two sides will start cooperation in the future, and actively promote the development of automatic driving industry.
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(11 day ago) The original Baidu hardware ecological channel department upgraded to hardware ecological channel division, by Yang Yongcheng responsible, focused on first-party hardware production, electricity supplier building and channel development; the original Baidu intelligent hardware division upgraded to Raven Studio studio, from Lu Cheng responsible for focusing on the exploration of the frontier product form.
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(12 day ago) November 16, 2017 Baidu World Congress was held at China World Trade Center Hotel. Baidu Group President and COO Lu Qi and general manager of Baidu smart home hardware Lu Cheng Baidu released the first hardware product - smart speaker raven H.
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(12 day ago) After more than 60 days of prosecution of executive Wang Jin, Baidu and Wang Jin and Jing Chi finally seemed to have the result of the dispute. On March 5, Baidu announced that King Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "King Technology") officially joined Baidu Apollo open platform to become Apollo partners.
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(12 day ago) In December 2017, Baidu sued King Chi Technology, formerly founded by Wang Jin and Wang Jing, general managers of the former autonomous driving department, to Beijing Intellectual Property Court on the ground of infringing on trade secrets and became the first case of unmanned vehicle litigation in China ". Just a few days ago, the media reported Wang Jing resigned Jing Technology CEO post, co-founder and CTO Han Xu took over the CEO.
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(12 day ago) The technical idea behind this astonishing performance is to independently learn common and differentiated messages from different speakers. And on this basis, Baidu researchers intend to go one step further and try to learn the speaker's voice characteristics only from short sentences of a few seconds.
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(13 day ago) March 5 News, King Chi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "King Chi Technology") officially joined the Baidu Apollo open platform to become Apollo partners. The two sides will start cooperation in the future, and actively promote the development of automatic driving industry.
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(13 day ago) For joining Baidu Apollo, Han Xu, Jing Chi technology CEO, said: "Jing Chi was convinced at the very beginning of its pioneering work that China will first realize the self driving Apollo platform's open source and open innovation mode, which has set a good example for the industry, and further confirms this view.
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(14 day ago) In response to the first proposal, Li said that in the era of AI, the influence of open platforms will be greater and larger because no single one has enough data to be able to show more if more data are brought together Influence. Therefore, on the one hand, Baidu is actively doing the open source and open platform. On the other hand, it hopes the country should encourage all companies, especially big companies, to open up the platform of artificial intelligence technology.
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(15 day ago) Recently, Lei Feng network found that opening Baidu AI open platform, click on the case and scene column, security monitoring AI scene impressively. Mentioned in the page, based on the industry's leading face recognition technology, which can face the static portrait library, dynamic video stream face recognition, integrated face tracking and capture, real-time cloth control, large-scale face retrieval and comparison And other capabilities to provide a complete and easy-to-use system solutions.
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(15 day ago) March 2, the first lunar January 15 Lantern Festival, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li wearing a cheongsam serving Sheng Yuanyuan video streaming out. Video address:
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(16 day ago) Peng Jun (right) and Lou Tiancheng (left) the original plan A round of financing HK dollars, but eventually got a $112 million photograph: David
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(17 day ago) Through the collective truce during the Spring Festival, the direct seeding platform is now starting to return to the temperature. In February 23rd, the Sohu's sails live launched a live quiz show "Heroes" knowledge approved the first to return, according to official data on Sohu, the peak of more than 1 million users.
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(17 day ago) It broke the "voice of heated discussion, the name" Ling "won the praise of users a message:" high rate of this process is gradual. Lists some key points: 1. Xhl is originally Li Jiaoshou, the core of the creative department in August last year into the Alex system; 2 were high hopes for the new business (the main innovation of medical advertisement project Hua Tuo) in less than six months after the establishment in November last year, was stripped of beast 3 into the Dou system; system, and fast out of the PXL team to report...
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