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(54 min ago) Robin Li was very energetic at the two sessions, saying that Baidu was best at high technology, such as automatic driving. Later, he led a $3 billion C-round financing of Weima, a new energy vehicle, in the field of self-driving, but under the calm sea there was a "undercurrent surge" crisis.
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(2 day ago) On March 15, 2019, Baidu and iQiyi released the 2018 financial report. Tencent's financial report reveals a scale and a half of the claws. Even the income of Tencent's video is unclear. I only know that in 2018, Q2 Tencent Media's advertising revenue was 4.73 billion. The advertising revenue of Tencent Video is included, the proportion is unknown, and the profit and loss are unknown.
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(2 day ago) Google's recently proposed BERT model has achieved good results by predicting the blocked words and using Transformer's multi-layer self-attention bi-directional modeling capabilities. However, the modeling object of the BERT model is mainly focused on the original language signal, and less semantic semantic unit modeling.
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(4 day ago) Baidu said that senior managers who are dedicated to the company's growth and accompanying the company's growth, such as personal choice or family needs to choose a new life, will be included in the executive retirement plan to give care and care. Zhang Yaqin also revealed that Life3.0 will be launched in six months, putting more energy into teaching, research, Sino-US and Australian academic exchanges, UN charity projects, and accompanying family members.
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(4 day ago) Tencent Technology News, March 15, Baidu released an internal mail, announced a new talent echelon construction plan. Baidu will speed up the process of cadre rejuvenation and select more young people after 8090 to enter the management. At the same time, Baidu has officially launched a retirement plan for senior executives, who devote their efforts to the company and accompany the company's growth. If they choose a new life because of their personal wishes or family needs, they will be included in the retirement plan for senior executives to give care and care.
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(4 day ago) Zhang Yaqin published an article in the circle of friends, saying, "Baidu is ushering in the best development moment in history, AI business has entered a golden period of development, and I am glad to be able to retire at ease. At the same time, I look forward to opening Life3.0 in six months, devoting more energy to teaching, scientific research, academic exchanges between China, America and Australia, United Nations philanthropic projects and, of course, more companionship with my family.
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(5 day ago) On March 14, according to enterprise survey data, Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. added several patent applications for public information. It includes the sensor combination device of the driverless vehicle, the identification method and device of traffic signs, the control method and device of the driverless vehicle, etc.
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(6 day ago) It is reported that most Henan labeling factories use Baidu's labeling tools and do Baidu's work. When Lu Qi took the flag of Baidu, he released a lot of demand for bidding. At that time, it was not difficult to live (the accuracy rate was only 90%) and the profit margin of labeling could reach 60%-70%.
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(7 day ago) Baidu data show that household appliances maintenance is the main force of 3C maintenance, accounting for 45% of the search demand; 3C maintenance industry users show a younger trend, although 75 years later in the 3C maintenance industry accounts for a larger proportion of consumers, but the "90-80" 3C maintenance industry users account for the largest proportion, which is closely related to their Internet life.
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(7 day ago) Recently, some developers have revealed that Baidu is accelerating the opening of more search traffic to smart apple developers. Specific policies include: For the same quality content, the smart applet will have higher weight in the search, and can get priority display and get higher traffic.
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(8 day ago) It is reported that Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2001 with a registered capital of 6.421 billion yuan. Liang Zhixiang acted as the legal representative. Among shareholders' information, Robin Li subscribed 6 billion 389 million yuan, the shareholding ratio was 99.50%, and he paid 32 million 106 thousand and 400 yuan to Hailong, and the shareholding ratio was 0.50%.
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(9 day ago) The news of Baidu's shareholding recently boosted the stock price of Hande's information to the daily limit. As of March 8, the company's share price has risen by more than 60%. On March 5th, Hande Information was inquired by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and inquired about the proportion of entrusted voting rights and whether Baidu would further increase its holdings.
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(11 day ago) Compared with the huge investment territory of Tencent and Ali, Baidu has always been less active in the field of investment. Today, there's finally some new news. On March 7th, industrial and commercial information showed that industrial and commercial information changed in Beijing Baidu Cci Capital Ltd. Robin Li, the outgoing director, Robin Li's wife Ma Dongmin, senior vice president of Baidu, AI technology platform system (AIG) and general manager of basic technology system (TG) Wang Haifeng became the new director.
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(13 day ago) Beijing Baidu Investment Management Co., Ltd. is one of the business entities of Baidu Venture Capital, and is mainly responsible for fund management business in China. Li Yanhong has retired as a director last year. The change of directors is a normal management adjustment. It is reported that the company was established in March 2016, and in May 2017 the company name was changed from Beijing Star Air Intelligent Investment Management Co., Ltd. to Beijing Baidu Investment Management Co., Ltd. At present, the chairman of Baidu Investment is Liu Wei, CEO of Baidu Venture Capital.
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(15 day ago) Baidu Cloud announced revenue data for the first time in Baidu's 2018 financial report conference on February 22, and achieved revenue of RMB 1.1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018.
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(18 day ago) According to previous reports, users in Baidu Encyclopedia browse a school information in Guangzhou, clicking on the third-party reference in the bottom of the page, "Guangzhou Schools Network" entered a bad website. In response, Baidu issued a statement saying that the external chains cited in individual entries have been used by illegal elements because of expired webpages and tampered with, and have been urgently deleted. Baidu has thoroughly checked and processed all entries of the domain name as reference materials.
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(18 day ago) "The top of any industry chain is playing finance." Song Qinghui, a famous economist, once said. It's not just BATJ. In 2018, TMD (headlines, beauty troupes, drops) started to get involved in finance in the dark and in the dark. Even Ctrip, where to go, millet, OPPO, 360 and other small giants have layout.
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(18 day ago) Yesterday, Baidu Smart Life Group General Manager Jing Wei announced that Baidu has launched two new smart hardware products - a small TV companion and a small home 1S.
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(19 day ago) Subsequently, the author tested Baidu Encyclopedia in some elementary schools, and found that Baidu had made a lot of changes to the encyclopedia entries of these schools around 20:48 tonight, and the reference link website referred to in the article had been deleted. As of the time of publication, Baidu had not responded to this.
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(19 day ago) At the same time, Baidu said that it "attached great importance to this and conducted a first-time processing survey", "the reference pages used by the illegal elements in this entry have been deleted urgently. The development team will continue to conduct a comprehensive survey and centralized processing of the URL redirection problem in all the references of the entries. In order to avoid the recurrence of such problems, Baidu Encyclopedia will add words. The frequency of checking reference materials and the dimension of checking are enriched.
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(19 day ago) On February 28, Baidu launched two new AI hardware products, Xiaodu TV companion and Xiaodu 1S at home. The newly released companion TV set costs 799 yuan and 599 yuan. And Xiaodu at home 1S release price 499 yuan, to the hand price 329 yuan.
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(19 day ago) Looking at the consumer smart hardware brought by smart voice, smart speaker is the first wave, smart car is the second wave, what will the third wave be? On Feb. 28, the strategic conference of Xiaodu New Products was held in Beijing. It is said that the conference will bring not only Xiaodu 1S, which has already appeared in the public eye, but also a brand-new voice hardware for professional video and audio manufacturers such as Sony Standard.
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(20 day ago) Regardless of sadness or joy, every Chinese has created an "exclusive memory" for the Spring Festival Gala. Since 2015, the memory of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala has been lit with a "red nevus". That's it - there's always a top Internet company coming on stage with shame and giving red envelopes to billions of people.
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(21 day ago) Baidu cloud will become Baidu's key strategic business in 2019. "Finance and Economics" has learned exclusively that Baidu has set a revenue target of 10 billion yuan for Baidu Yun this year. This goal means that revenue increased by 203% compared with last year's revenue of about 3.3 billion yuan. In order to achieve this goal, Baidu has extended its enrollment quota to Baidu Yun. Baidu Yun currently has 1800-1900 full-time employees. This year, it will enroll nearly 2,000 people, doubling the number of full-time employees.
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(22 day ago) On February 26, Baidu Group issued an internal e-mail announcing that three vice-presidents, Shen Shao, Wu Haifeng and Zheng Zibin, should be re-appointed in rotation. According to the email, this senior management rotation is "to create an unprecedented prosperous and powerful Baidu mobile ecosystem, stimulate organizational innovation ability, improve synergy efficiency, further implement the cadre rotation system, train and reserve compound management cadres."
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(25 day ago) On the morning of February 22, 2019, Beijing Time, Baidu released its Q4 unaudited financial report for 2018. According to the report, Q4 revenue in 2018 was 27.2 billion yuan, up 15.4% from the same period last year (excluding the change of VAT calculation method, Q4 revenue in 2018 increased 22.3% from the same period last year).
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(25 day ago) It is worth noting that Baidu disclosed for the first time the quarterly revenue of cloud computing services - 1.1 billion, an increase of more than 100%. The good news for iQiyi is that the number of paid members reached 87.4 million, an increase of 36.6 million from the end of 2017. Baidu's “Changing the Ceiling” In recent years, Baidu's revenue structure has grown larger, and the proportion of online marketing service revenue (ie, advertising revenue) has gradually decreased from 99% in 2014 to 80% in 2018.
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(25 day ago) According to Leifeng. com, Baidu released its unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 on February 22. Baidu's revenue in this quarter was 27.2 billion yuan, up 22% from the same period last year, and its net profit was 2.1 billion yuan. It is noteworthy that Baidu Yun released its performance data for the first time in the earnings teleconference after the announcement of the earnings report.
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(25 day ago) On the morning of February 22, Baidu released unaudited financial reports for the fourth quarter and the whole year. Its revenue increased 22% to 27.2 billion yuan in the fourth quarter, and its net profit fell 50% to 2.1 billion yuan.
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(26 day ago) On average, 31 Wall Street analysts expect Baidu to have revenue of $14.99 billion in fiscal year 2018. Baidu's total revenue for fiscal year 2018 was 102.3 billion yuan ($14.88 billion), less than expected, according to results. After the earnings report, Baidu chairman Li Yanhong sent an internal email, he said Baidu AI commercial exploration is "on the horizon."
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