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(44 min ago) On September 25, Bloomberg reported that Google, owned by Alphabet, had appointed Keith EnWright (Keith Enright), a veteran privacy lawyer, as its chief privacy officer. At the same time, the company made its own policy recommendations on possible U.S. government regulation of the data.
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(2 hr ago) Sina Technology News, Beijing time on September 25 morning news, artificial intelligence robots and self-driving cars may be the focus of media attention, but Google search business director Ben Gomez (Ben Gomes) said, The next leap in science and technology will be the development of voice technology. He believes that a better understanding of ordinary languages is crucial to the future of the Internet.
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(2 hr ago) Google announced the news at a news conference in San Francisco as soon as possible. Discover pages show more relevant content, not all of which are up-to-date messages, such as topic links to gain insight into message flow content. There is also a small slider in the lower left corner of each card that allows you to increase or decrease the number of news you see in it.
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(3 hr ago) Sina Technologies News, Beijing time on September 25 morning news, 20 years, in a blank search box to enter text, almost everyone and Google interaction. But now, the company wants to play a more active role in the user's online experience.
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(4 hr ago) With the exposure of this new automatic login mechanism, a large number of users express their dissatisfaction in Twitter and news comment areas, they prefer to decide not to log in to the browser or other services, rather than Google to help them do it privately. Decide.
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(4 hr ago) Among them, "Come Alive" is mainly a collision and gradation of various colors. The "Pixie" series is a gradient of multicolored colors, while the "Burst" series is a fireworks effect with a black background, while the "Bloom" is also a prospect. Fireworks, but the background is other colors.
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(5 hr ago) September 24th is the 20th anniversary of Google's founding, and Gomez made the above remarks in an interview with The Guardian. Seven years ago, Google launched its first voice service to the public, a simple search tool that converts voice into text.
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(17 hr ago) While we don’t know what the exact intent behind Google’s decision is, we’ve learned from a few Google developers that showing the login to a Chrome account in the browser interface doesn’t mean enabling the sync service, allowing browser access to view data. Send to Google's server.
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(1 day ago) The day before, the Wall Street Journal broke a series of internal emails from Google employees. On January 29, 2017, two days after Trump signed the immigration ban for the first time, employees were "whether it is possible to adjust Google search related. The function to show users the content of supporting immigrants was discussed.
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(2 day ago) According to the executive order, the move may protect competition between online platforms and eliminate platform bias. Other government agencies should give advice within one month of the order being signed. The media quoted a White House official as saying that the executive order is still in its infancy and has not been approved by other government agencies.
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(2 day ago) These Google employees, or at least one of them, who work in the search product marketing department, believe that organizations that support immigration policies should be highlighted by adjusting Google search results, or highlighted by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). A link to such a charity donation.
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(3 day ago) An animation found in a test application shows that the Pixel Stand wireless charging bracket allows the Pixel phone to act as a digital photo frame to display photo albums while charging. In addition, foreign media also found the code that implies Pixel Stand supports Google Assistant assistants. When the phone is charged on the nail, users can directly call some of the phone's functions through Google Assistant assistants, such as providing alarm clocks, calendar arrangements, notification messages, music and other information.
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(3 day ago) With the introduction of new features, users can open Android Apps in the VR space, such as games, tools and Apps. These apps float on a virtual large screen and can be controlled by a standard Daydream pointer controller, so that developers can make Apps available on the Daydream platform without having to develop a new UI.
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(3 day ago) V8, a multi-browser component dedicated to speeding up, is a JavaScript and WebAssembly engine for Chrome. As the number of web scripts using JavaScript is growing rapidly, a high-speed engine capable of handling these JavaScript scripts becomes a very important foundation.
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(3 day ago) The world's two major index companies, Standard & Poor's Global Ratings and MSCI, are about to adjust their industry classification criteria, and will merge into a new industry classification called "Communication Services" by merging telephone companies, some Internet companies and media stocks. After the reorganization, Facebook Inc. And Google parent company Alphabet Inc. The giants will disappear from many ETFs tracking the technology stock index.
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(3 day ago) However, this notification is a bit distressing for some Lyft drivers, who can't manually turn it on or off, and they can't find it in Google Maps notification settings. In fact, some users have noticed this feature in the past few months, but it seems to be quietly deployed, so it has escaped the attention of many people, perhaps it is still in the testing phase.
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(3 day ago) Before the October launch of the new product, FCC documents had surfaced suggesting that Google might launch a product called Home Hub, as foreign media 9to5 Google had predicted. It's called an interactive video streaming device, according to the file description. If so, it could open up a new mountain for Google's home devices.
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(3 day ago) Google confirmed on Thursday that Gmail accounts of some U.S. senators and aides have become the focus of foreign government hackers. But a Google spokesman declined to give more details, including how many people were affected, where the state-backed attacks came from, and when to issue warnings.
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(3 day ago) The two-day Google Developer Days opened at the Shanghai World Expo Center at 9:20 a.m. Beijing time on September 20. This year's Google Developers Conference has thousands of participants who can participate in more than 60 agendas covering 12 topics, codelab and AI product experience areas.
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(3 day ago) President Trump's travel ban temporarily banned tourists and immigrants from seven major Muslim countries. The act triggered a strong public protest and made many revisions. Trump said the travel ban was intended to protect the United States from attacks by Islamic militants, and the Supreme Court also backed the measure in June.
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(4 day ago) In response, Alphabet's Google disclosed its policy on third-party Gmail extensions, but failed to fully address U.S. senators'doubts that developers violated its email scanning rules.
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(4 day ago) (Image from: MySmart Price) Details of Google Home Hub documents, dating back to late August, are not available to the public until today. The photos on the MySmartPrice website have been exposed, but they are not yet known.
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(4 day ago) CNET's Democratic Senator Ron Wyden (Ron Wyden) from Oregon sent a letter to the Senate leadership on Wednesday saying there had been an email attack, but referred only to Google as a "major technology company."
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(4 day ago) The picture notes say: this picture is the network rendering, and the actual arrival is the standard. The cash price is the deposit price. After the arrival, the price will be refunded. After the goods are issued, no price protection will be provided. Pixel 3's first real-world spy photograph, which appeared in late August, showed familiar design elements.
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(4 day ago) The platform allows people in the same organization to "seamlessly collaborate in real time," according to AirAsis Group, which has "made rapid progress" over the past 12 months. Before the official launch of Data Studio, Google is preparing a series of updates this summer.
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(4 day ago) The Android Security Awards have just entered its third year, during which time a total of 470 eligible vulnerability reports were received. Google said that the average salary of each researcher has risen by 23% and about $1 million a year. According to Google's data, ASR occupies most of the $3 million in prize money.
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(4 day ago) In February and June of this year, Flutter's beta version and the first preview version were released. Compared with the previous two versions, the core scene of Flutter "release preview version 2" is more perfect, and the overall quality has been significantly improved.
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(4 day ago) However, Vestag said that the current question is still very early and has not been formally opened. Analysts said that if Amazon was finally confirmed, it would face a 10% global turnover penalty, which is equivalent to $17.8 billion (for example, 2017).
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(4 day ago) Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were built by HTC and LG, but that was before Google acquired HTC's hardware team. So what should we expect now? According to, Google is working with Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile to produce Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.
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(4 day ago) "Nocturne" features a metallic blue finish with a single USB Type-C port on the left, and obviously another Type-C port on the other side. The tablet itself looks quite standard, with no fancy borderless design or similar Things, the keyboard looks equally straightforward.
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