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Google(谷歌)News list

(16 hr ago) Tencent Technology, according to foreign media reports, according to people familiar with the matter said that after a few months of negotiations, Google has given up signing a Toronto office space lease agreement with WeWork in favor of working with its rival IWG Plc to share office space.
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(19 hr ago) In this way, it can effectively prevent malicious websites from using speculative execution attacks to access data loaded in other browser tabs. However, the cost of enabling site isolation is to consume more processes and memory resources, which leads to the explosion of memory consumption of some sites.
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(19 hr ago) Rakowski believes that 5g will come sooner or later, but this is not the right time to buy 5g mobile phones. From the perspective of base station deployment, the current coverage is not wide enough, and consumers can hardly enjoy the benefits.
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(19 hr ago) On October 18, it was reported that Google pixel 4 supports 3D face recognition, but foreign media found a vulnerability after getting started. According to foreign media reports, pixel 4 will not verify whether the user is awake when using face unlocking. According to the video recorded by foreign media on twitter, pixel 4 can also unlock the mobile phone while sleeping and eyes closed.
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(1 day ago) Jelly scrolling is usually found in smartphones, but it's also a problem with chrome. At present, the chromium team has tried to solve the problem, and said that "the experimental deployment has known bug and visual impact", and warned that enabling the flag may cause performance problems.
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(1 day ago) It is reported that Baunay, a small town in the western part of Sardinia, Italy, recently put up warning signs in the town to ask tourists who drive to visit the area to stop using Google maps to check the route. "too many cars and small vehicles are stuck on remote roads, sometimes off-road vehicles," said mayor Salvator Corrias.
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(2 day ago) In a sense, the existence of Google daydream, as its name says, is a "daydream" that will eventually wake up. At the Google I / O conference in May 2016, Google officially released a new mobile VR platform, daydream.
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(2 day ago) This means that the behavior of snooping on pillow people and roommates (or pranksters) can be easily carried out while the owner is sleeping. The BBC ’ s ChisFox confirmed the problem live: Google warns users “design this ” when setting up a face unlock.In fact, Pixel4 can detect whether your eyes are open, but the biggest problem is that it cannot open by default, presumably so set to make FaceUnlock work faster and more sensitively.
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(2 day ago) People are always addicted to the sweet feeling brought about by the scandal and the hearty feeling when they hit the keyboard. Look at the shocking evidence, listen to the victims' voice complaints, anger is full of our hearts, we complain, we fight, we need to explain! The makers of scandals often resign and disappear for a period of time until the incident subsides...
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(2 day ago) On the evening of October 15, Beijing time, Google officially released the new generation of flagship machines pixel 4 and pixel 4XL. In addition, Google also launched a new notebook product, Google pixel book go.
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(2 day ago) "It [daydream] is less acceptable to consumers and developers than we expected, and over time we've seen a decline in the use of daydream view's head displays," the spokesman said in an email.
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(2 day ago) Fuchsia is a cross platform operating system based on function modularization. It is very important that it is a "non Linux system". It uses Google's new microkernel, zircon, and uses dart and flutter to create a new UI.
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(2 day ago) Google's latest Pixel 4 series does not have earplugs or conversion lines for USB-C ports in its packaging, which means consumers may need to choose their own wired headphones for USB-C ports, Bluetooth wireless headphones or conversion lines from USB-C to 3.5mm headset ports.
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(3 day ago) With a 13 inch body and a 12 hour endurance, pixelbook go is equipped with a 13.3-inch 16:9 touch screen. The processor has three configurations of Intel Core m3, i5 and i7, 8GB or 16GB memory, 64GB / 128GB / 256gb memory, dual speakers, two usb-c interfaces and a 2-megapixel front camera.
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(3 day ago) Google hardware leader Rick introduced the headphone on stage. He hopes it is a product he can always wear. This generation of Pixel Buds is a truly unlimited design of earplugs, separated from left and right, wearing feeling enhanced, and receiving distance "as far as a football field."
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(3 day ago) The nest Mini looks basically the same as the home mini, but at the bottom of the nest mini, there is a wall hole and a power interface different from the first generation. So now the product can be hung on the wall, with enhanced bass and an extra microphone to recognize your voice even in noisy environments.
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(3 day ago) Scene Description: dermatosis is one of the most common diseases. However, due to the shortage of professional doctors and uneven distribution of medical resources, patients often turn to general practitioners for help, so it is easy to cause misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. The in-depth learning system developed by Google researchers can detect common skin diseases with an accuracy comparable to that of professional dermatologists, and far exceeds that of some primary care doctors and nurses.
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(3 day ago) Tencent Technology News, after the European Commission issued three antitrust fines for US Internet giant Google, with a total fine of $8 billion, Google appealed all three rulings. Google's appeal against one of the 2.4 billion euros ($2.64 billion) antitrust fines in the European Union will be heard in a European court for three days in February 2020, according to the latest news from foreign media, according to revelations from the parties involved in the case on Monday.
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(4 day ago) Critics argue that AMP creates a walled garden that serves only the interests of search giants, while Google announced last year that it would reduce control and transform it into a community-managed project. OpenJS Foundation projects include jQuery, Node.js and webpack, AMP
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(4 day ago) In addition, you can see Google's huge "G" logo and the "Pixel 4" logo immediately following it. Similar to the Pixel 3a box, the Pixel 4 box also shows new computer pictures placed in the real world.
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(4 day ago) In the default version of Chrome 77, it is already a default available function through which users can move NTP shortcuts and set their specific order according to their preferences. It is reported that this change also applies to Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.
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(4 day ago) If the Pixel 4 XL starts at $999, the Pixel 4 could start at about $900, foreign media said. In the core configuration, Google Pixel 4 uses a 5.7-inch FHD 90Hz display, equipped with Qualcomm Cellon 855 flagship platform, equipped with 6GB memory 64GB/128GB storage, rear 12 million 16 million dual photos.
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(4 day ago) Plateau was born in Brussels in 1801. His research on visual perception inspired him to invent the device. Google said he studied law first, and then became one of the most famous scientists in the 19th century. He was remembered for his work in physiological optics, especially the effects of light and color on the human retina.
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(4 day ago) This is what Google has told us, but there are rumors that Pixel 4 has more features, and we may see faster Google Assistant, cheaper Pixelbook, new and improved Pixel Buds and more other devices.
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(4 day ago) Google's annual autumn hardware show will be held on October 15, and we expect it to be a grand ceremony. The star of the show is certainly the Pixel 4, whose second rear camera is installed in a square camera similar to the iPhone 11, with facial unlocking technology that could be comparable to Apple's facial recognition technology, as well as a motion-sensing radar that Google has been quietly developing for years.
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(5 day ago) Previously, the Google Play Store provided many financial applications, including banking applications and third-party applications for investment, cash management, budgeting and bookkeeping. In addition, Google allows applications related to auto loans, student loans, mortgages and revolving credit, including the most familiar credit card applications.
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(5 day ago) On July 18 last year, the European Commission said that Google used Android to force mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install Google's mobile applications, including search engines and Chrome browsers, which hindered normal business competition and strangled competitors'applications, thus constituting a monopoly.
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(5 day ago) For the past five years, Google has asked Android phones to come with a "Powered by Android" message on its startup screen, and now, according to 9to5Google, Google requires OEM vendors to launch a new Android brand logo starting in 2020.
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(6 day ago) The picture comes from Kitty Hawk's official website. Strictly speaking, Kitty Hawk calls its products personal aircraft, ultralight aircraft, rather than Flying Car.
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(6 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, Oct. 12, according to foreign media reports, on Thursday evening local time in the United States, Google submitted a new document indicating that the company is expanding its second headquarters plan in San Jose, California.
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