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Google(谷歌)News list

(2 hr ago) The Chrome Enterprise Grab and Go plan will arrange the Chromebook's charging rack in the enterprise scope, and can rent 1 to complete the task or carry out the office when the employee needs.
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(3 hr ago) Beijing time news in July 18th, Google announced on Tuesday that it launched a new feature for its voice assistant service Google Assistant to provide customers with "visual snapshots" of the various information that may be used everyday.
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(4 hr ago) The new submarine cable, called Dunant, is known to be named after the first Nobel Peace Prize winner and Red Cross founder Henri Dunant, and could be launched in 2020.
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(4 hr ago) On July 18, according to foreign media quoted insiders, Google will hold a special conference call with EU antitrust commissioner Margrethe Vestager on Tuesday to discuss The response may face the highest amount of penalties from the EU's history.
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(11 hr ago) Another insider said the European Commission plans to announce a fine on Google on Wednesday, which may exceed the previous record of 2 billion 400 million euros (about $2 billion 800 million) for the Google Shopping service. Last June, the European Union made a decision on the Google Shopping monopoly, saying that Google has decided to impose a fine of 2 billion 420 million euros on Google in April 2016 because it favors its own home service Google Shopping.
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(15 hr ago) Recently, developers of the Google VR platform Daydream found Daydream SDK in the latest update, adding support for dual controller operating devices.
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(17 hr ago) In July 17th, application analysis company Sensor Tower published revenue data on global applications in the first half of this year, and App Store's revenue was almost two times as much as Google Play, and Apple's leading competitors have become normal.
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(19 hr ago) In July 17th, Google Cloud announced that it was officially launched in the new area of Losangeles. This is not a surprise, because Google has already announced the launch of the region in July, but it is undeniable that this is a major step forward by Google, which now has five cloud areas in the United States. Just three years ago, Google Cloud opened its second American regions.
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(20 hr ago) In July 17th, according to foreign media reports, with the coming of the second half of 2018, the application analysis company Sensor Tower issued the first half of the first half of the global application of income statistics. According to the statistics, apple App Store app store has gained more revenue than all its competitors.
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(22 hr ago) "Google is now providing real time price conversion information for BitcoinCash", in addition to the BHC Twitter account that also gives the following pictures: a Twitter user "BeijingBitcoinsm" commented: "the core user of the bitcoin is probably the time to add Google to their boycott list."
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(1 day ago) [New wise reading] AI can map brain neurons. The human brain contains approximately 86 billion neurons, and a cubic millimeter of neurons can produce more than 1000 terabytes of data. Due to its large scale, the process of drawing the internal structure of the nervous system is computationally intensive and cumbersome.
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(1 day ago) After NBC News asked Apple about the disputed software, the company had taken down QDrops at its app store on Sunday. Apple spokesperson Stephaine Saffer said in a statement that the company has issued clear guidelines for developers to promote innovation and provide a safe environment for all users, who will act quickly against software that violates regulations or laws. .
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(1 day ago) UNEP Executive Director Erik Solheim said in a statement that only the data is accurate and they will be able to usher in the biggest environmental challenges of this era. "UNEP is very happy to cooperate with Google, which will ensure that we have the most advanced network. Tools to track, prioritize our actions, and move us further into a sustainable world.
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(1 day ago) On July 16th, according to Reuters, some analysts believe that Google’s recent huge fines in the EU will affect the search giant’s continued pre-installation of its services on Android smartphones and tablets, and more third-party applications. Developers will benefit from it.
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(1 day ago) Google is expected to receive the European Union's antitrust fines on the Android system in the next few days, which may exceed a record 2 billion 400 million euro ($2 billion 800 million) fines that Google had received last year because of its shopping search service. But what is more important is an order with the fines.
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(2 day ago) Tencent news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Saturday that the European Commission on the EU antitrust agency may open a record ticket to the American search giant next week because it misuses the dominance of the Android mobile operating system to consolidate its network search business.
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(2 day ago) Margaret Visteg (Margrethe Vestager), the European Commission's competition commissioner, has been investigating Google for 3 years because the company has illegally forced smartphone manufacturers to install their applications. Google provides Android software to handset makers free of charge and bundles them with "exclusivity", forcing them to install Google web browsers and search engines when they use the Google Play application store.
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(3 day ago) Google launched a new advertising tool based on AI technology this week. In addition to marketers, Wall Street analysts are also optimistic about this. On Tuesday, Google announced details of the new tools to be launched in the coming months. In terms of advertising production and advertising effectiveness measurement, these tools bring more automation.
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(4 day ago) Interested friends can find the Caller ID & spam in the settings of the Phone app to easily turn it on or off. Although 100% is not guaranteed, the phone will give a red screen warning when an harassing call is detected.
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(4 day ago) On Sunday, a Pixel 2 XL user expressed frustration on the fatal crash of the camera app on Twitter, and Google quickly responded. The advice is that users with similar problems can try to clean up the camera app's cache.
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(4 day ago) The development of Microsoft Store's ecological platform is not optimistic. Only a small number of manufacturers are still insisting on the background of many heavy applications fleeing. Recently, 11K Studios introduced seven Google web applications to Microsoft Store, covering Photos, Drive, Maps, YouTube Gaming, Docs, Docs and YouTube.
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(5 day ago) On the morning of July 13, Beijing time, Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, was very busy during the Sun Valley Summit. In just two days he met Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, Sundar Pichai, Google's chief executive, and Rajiv, head of the Softbank Corp. Vision Fund
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(5 day ago) Google has not yet announced the winning and losing prediction function of the Premier League game, which has been officially launched since August 10. The Premier League will be the only league in the UK to use this feature, and it seems to be the only alliance in Europe that uses this feature. Currently, the French, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga leagues have not announced their schedule, so it is not known whether these features will be enabled in these leagues.
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(5 day ago) At 6:40 in the morning, a car horn went off three times. "Add air!" A man in a helmet and a fluorescent vest shouted. There was a hissing sound, and the helium began to flow. A large container like wood is piled from a nearby truck, and helium passes through a series of hose up to 55 feet high, then through a copper tube, into a plastic tube that falls down to the ground.
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(5 day ago) Smart things reported on July 11th that since the international Go and chess defeated the top players, DeepMind played in the "Quake III Arena" last week. The double team defeated the top human players, and the group winning rate was 74%.
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(6 day ago) Compared with Apple Pay, which has been deeply involved in life, Google obviously has to walk a lot in mobile payment. Google launched a new version of the payment tool, Google Pay 2.70, yesterday. It not only integrated the Google Wallet point to point payment function, but also added the support of ticket management. Now the American people and friends are more convenient to see each other when they go to the pub to drink the world cup.
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(7 day ago) A few days ago, Tencent launched a mobile version of "Jesus Survival" in Google Store. Every user can download it. Although the game is stable, it is still in beta. Judging from the screenshots of the game, Tencent’s “Jesus Survival” mobile game on the Google Store corresponds to the domestic “Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield”.
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(7 day ago) Beijing time on July 11 morning news, Google launched a new advertising purchase tool on Tuesday. With the new tools, Google is trying to make more use of computer algorithms to optimize ads and determine where to place ads.
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(7 day ago) News map (from: Google) is a concern for lawmakers that most consumers don't understand how app developers use email content. Three senators said that Google may not have taken sufficient measures to protect Gmail data and asked the company to disclose all instances of application developers sharing third-party Gmail data with third parties.
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