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(22 min ago) On the evening of March 23rd, the Evernote theme sharing session "Remember what you wanted to keep" was held in Beijing. The guests of the screenwriter Shi Hang and the talk show translator Gu Dalan shared their knowledge management experiences.
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(22 min ago) According to the latest forecast by the European Space Agency (ESA) Darmstadt, Germany, the Space Debris Division, China’s first space station, the Tiangong 1 space laboratory, may be held from March 30 to April 2 (late March to In mid-April) fell into the earth.
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(22 min ago) Unfortunately, the number of Legionella bacteria can reach an outbreak in just one week. In addition, if an outbreak has already occurred, you need to determine its origin as soon as possible. Therefore, researchers at the Technical University of Munich created the new LegioTyper chip. The inexpensive disposable device developed at the Technical University of Munich contains a microarray of 20 different antibodies.
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(1 hr ago) Data Sheet Bolton's Political Action Committee John Bolton Super PAC hired the data consulting company in 2014. According to reports, his Super PAC spent about 1.2 million US dollars within two years for "behavioral micro-targets with psychological information," and collected data from Facebook users.
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(2 hr ago) This phenomenon is unusual in foreign countries. Registering certain foreign network services such as Google, etc., many times you can find the logout button and delete the account completely. Can not log off the ID is not a good setting, on the one hand this will lead to less and less available ID, on the other hand it means that the user's data will always remain in the server, do not want to use a website service but the information is still there Well, this is no sense of security!
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(2 hr ago) 1.4Added preferences page to adjust priority order of installed decoders.Greatly improved DSP manager dialog.Added output mode switcher toolbar item to Default User Interface.Converter improvements:Keeping incomplete/problematic output files is now optional...
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(3 hr ago) U.S. Attorney Assistant Minister Destin Steinstein said at a press conference that hackers have stolen the university’s research results and sold it to Iran for profit. Rosenstein said: "Academic institutions are the main targets of foreign cybercriminals. Universities can only continue to develop and innovate when their jobs are protected from theft.
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(3 hr ago) Samsung stated that at Samsung, customer satisfaction is the core of our business and we are committed to providing the best experience. We are investigating a limited number of Galaxy S9/S9+ touch screen response issue reports. We are working with affected customers and conducting investigations.
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(3 hr ago) Tekz24 believes that the iPhone SE 2 will be equipped with a glass backshell that supports wireless charging. At the same time, iPhone SE 2 will all be produced in India. Last year, Apple began producing iPhones in India and wanted to further open the Indian market.
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(7 hr ago) Recently, there have been rumors of the iPhone SE 2 and many human analysts believe that Apple may launch iPhone SE 2 at the press conference on March 27. But unfortunately, the iPhone S2 will not meet you in the near future. For some reason, the iPhone SE 2 release plan made in India has been postponed.
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(10 hr ago) At the recent 2018 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show in Switzerland, the 8848 Titanium Mobile announced the cooperation with Swiss independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen to launch the Basel 2018 Commemorative Mobile Phone.
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(10 hr ago) On the evening of March 23, LeTV announced an announcement that a number of senior management personnel and core cadres have said that it is no longer possible to continue fulfilling the promise of a plan to increase shareholding. It is understood that LeTV has twice supervised the current and current senior management personnel, core backbone Liang Jun, Gao Fei, Zhang Hao, Wu Yazhou, Jiang Xiaolin, Yuan Bin, and Tan Shu, both on 5 February and 19 March in the form of emails. Jin Jie, Zhao Kai, and Zhang Zhiwei fulfilled their pledges of increasing their shareholding. Each of the promisers expressed that they are no longer able to continue to fulfill their commitments to increase their holdings.
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(11 hr ago) Tencent’s “First Line” was informed exclusively that Huawei officially announced the membership of the new session of the Board of Directors. Liang Hua replaced Sun Yafang as the new chairman and Sun Yafang withdrew from the board of directors. The biggest change in this change is that Ren Zhengfei ceased to serve as vice chairman and became a member of the board of directors. The Huawei CFO and Ren Zhengfei’s daughter Meng Wanzhou was promoted to vice chairman.
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(13 hr ago) During the Microsoft Build 2017 Developer Conference in May last year, Microsoft stated that it will have more UPW apps on the shelves of the Microsoft Store app store, including some big mainstream apps such as Apple’s iTunes.
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(13 hr ago) In the face of the continuing tight Sino-U.S. trade situation, not only Chinese companies, but also Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, etc., have also felt pressure. In a joint letter quoted on the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Google, Apple, Wal-Mart and other companies jointly verbally signed Trump, saying that the implementation of severe tariff policies will lead to retaliation, hit the US export industry, and thus negatively affect the US economy. influences.
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(13 hr ago) Guo Mingwei claimed that Huawei originally planned to use a structured light solution similar to Apple’s iPhone X. However, in the next six months or so, Huawei may use another type of “fly-time ranging.” New scheme for time-of-flight, ToF) elements.
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(13 hr ago) The mobile game "The Walking Dead, Our World" is about to meet with players in the coming months, and the game team behind this game is currently using the iPhone X as an important tool for its use - above it The TrueDepth depth camera system helps developers capture facial expressions and create more realistic facial expressions.
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(13 hr ago) It is reported that Netease Planet is operated by Netease Finance, which helps users manage digital assets through blockchain encryption and storage technology, and conducts black diamond trading and settlement in the planetary base. Users receive “Black Diamond” awards every day. The total amount of black diamonds is limited, and the output volume is reduced by half every two years. At present, there are about 270,000 black diamonds produced each day. The speed at which each person gets a black diamond has a direct relationship with the original force. The higher the original force, the more black diamonds are obtained. Browsing, trading, socializing and other activities on the planet can increase the original value.
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(14 hr ago) Currently, the screen share of the OPPO R15 and vivo X21 in the 6-inch full screen mobile phone is 90%, and the Sharp S3 will be more aggressive, reaching 91%. From the poster point of view, S3 will upgrade the "beauty-minded" design of the S2 era to a more generic former bang in the industry.
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(14 hr ago) However, non-individual developers are required to provide "SARFT approval number", "Documentation Information of the Ministry of Culture", "Certificate of Computer Software Copyright Registration", and "Self-audit Self-inspection Report"; individual developers are required to provide "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate". "," "game self-audit self-examination report" and other qualifications.
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(14 hr ago) In addition to Samsung, Apple is also working on its own MicroLED display, on the one hand to get rid of its dependence on Samsung, and on the other hand, MicroLED displays have many excellent features. Compared with the existing OLED technology, the MicroLED display has higher brightness, better luminous efficiency, and lower power consumption, and is very suitable for use on smart phones, tablet computers, and smart TVs.
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(14 hr ago) Samsung said that this 64GB memory is a dual Rank configuration and is continuing to develop four Rank 128GB RDIMMs and eight Rank 256GB LRDIMMs. Samsung also demonstrated new memory using the Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC platforms. With a 256GB memory stick, the total single-channel capacity can reach 3TB and 4TB respectively.
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(14 hr ago) When many people think that the pattern of the public cloud computing market is basically determined, Huawei began to fully deploy cloud computing in 2017. If we say that 2017 is the first year for Huawei Cloud to sail, then 2018 is the first year for Huawei Cloud to advance at full speed. Therefore, at the beginning of 2018, Huawei Cloud opened the "acceleration mode."
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(14 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, in order to complete the $ 18 billion sale of its memory chip business before the end of March, the Japanese Toshiba company must win the approval of China's anti-monopoly regulatory agency this Friday, from the current situation Look, it is likely to miss this deadline and instead seek alternatives such as IPO.
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(14 hr ago) Samsung Electronics held its annual shareholders’ meeting in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday. At the shareholders' meeting, Samsung Electronics announced the expansion of the board of directors with the addition of three independent directors. In addition, the company also decided to separate the roles of the chairman of the board and the chief executive for the first time to enhance the independence of the board. At the shareholders meeting, Samsung Electronics shareholders also voted to approve a proposal to split 50 shares.
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(15 hr ago) The search bar at the top of the recent version of TIM is optimized to support search chats. Cloud files add drag and drop features, drag files can easily upload and download, more convenient operation. What has TIM 2.1.8 updated? - New category navigation bar for cloud files. Quickly find files by recent browsing, native files, etc. - Online documents support Word/Excel templates such as meeting minutes, daily reports, and project management information sheets. Office editing is more efficient - Supports chat records for free Roaming for 1 year...
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(15 hr ago) The beleaguered Facebook is facing its biggest existential test in history: a wave of missing leadership is continuing. What's more, Facebook has been quietly collecting data that should not have been accessed.
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(15 hr ago) Today morning, Tencent holding a record turnover of more than HK $100 billion a day. As of the report, the stock price fell 5.23% to HK $416.4. Tencent holding March 23rd morning announcement, the company received MIH TC (a Naspers Affiliated Companies and its controlling shareholder) informed that MIH TC has entered into a placement agreement with the placing agent, the content is sold at a total cost of HK $76 billion 941 million, a total of nearly 190 million shares.
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(15 hr ago) According to official data, WeChat users has exceeded 1 billion, a small program has reached 580 thousand, more than 170 million daily active accounts during the Spring Festival, while the number of online games reached a maximum of 28 million people per hour, is now on-line advertising, is ten million yuan level.
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(15 hr ago) The listing will be carried out using the so-called CDR (China depository certificate) model, similar to the ADR (US depositary voucher). Although this is not technically a stock, it is a proof that investors can hold shares listed elsewhere.
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