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(18 day ago) 外媒Intercept给出了一条这样的报道,引得国内用户广泛关注,谷歌计划在国内推出符合中国法律规定的搜索引擎,最终版本会在6个月后上线,事实真是这样吗?
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(18 day ago) Last weekend, China's electrical appliance manufacturer Skyworth asked for a lot of counterfeit Skyworth products, and reserved the right to file a lawsuit against the matter. On July 19th, American diaper maker Daddy’s Choice filed a lawsuit in New York, accusing the company of deliberately allowing the sale of counterfeit Daddy’s Choice products.
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(39 min ago) China's first privately operated launch vehicle, Zhuku-1, is a three-stage solid launch vehicle developed independently by Blue Arrow Aerospace. The rocket has a diameter of 1.35 meters, a total length of 19 meters, a take-off weight of 27 tons and a thrust of 45 tons. It has the characteristics of rapid response, flexible launching, mature technology and low cost. Compared with the advanced features, it mainly faces the commercial launch market, such as tiny MSI and cubic star seats.
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(1 hr ago) Despite growing global attention to protecting user data, India's initiatives may be influenced by the investment plans of Companies in the Indian market. Technology executives and trade organizations have discussed their concerns to the Prime Minister of India, the Modi administration. In addition, according to two people familiar with the matter, the industry also intends to extend the issue to trade issues at the upcoming US-India talks in New Delhi in September.
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(1 hr ago) According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple confirmed today that it has removed many illegal gambling applications from the App Store in China, as well as developers who distribute them. "Gambling applications are illegal, and the App Store in China is not allowed," Apple said in a statement Monday.
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(1 hr ago) The International Conference on Superconducting Materials and mechanisms, organized by Johannes Georg Bednorz and Karl Alexander M ü ller, discoverer of copper oxide high temperature superconductors and Nobel laureates in physics, was organized every three years and is the largest research field in the field of international superconductivity. The most influential academic event.
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(1 hr ago) This code is authorized by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), CEN (European Standards Committee), AIM (International Association for Automatic Identification and Mobile Technology) three major international organizations to become a global two-dimensional code unified identification of the exclusive code, which marks ZIIOT
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(1 hr ago) In August 2016, Hike received $175 million in the Series D financing of Tencent and Foxconn, and entered the Unicorn Club for $1.4 billion.
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(1 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, August 20, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 42nd "Statistical Report on China's Internet Development Status" in Beijing. As of June 30, 2018, the number of Internet users in China reached 802 million, and the Internet penetration rate was 57.7%.
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(1 hr ago) The classroom will provide students and parents with practical safety skills and knowledge through an experiential, immersive teaching model. In order to cooperate with children's science and technology in disaster prevention and reduction, the two sides will co-edit and issue 100,000 campus safety study manuals. Zhu Xisheng, secretary-general of the China Children and Teenagers Fund, said that the project aims to bring disaster prevention and mitigation education closer to children, so that children can enhance their safety awareness, master disaster prevention knowledge, improve self-rescue and risk-avoidance capabilities, and at the same time, promote children through demonstration and promotion. Drive family and family radiation community...
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(1 hr ago) According to current information, the RTX 2080 Ti is expected to be equipped with 4352 stream processors (TU102 core) with 352-bit 11GB GDDR6 memory (bandwidth 616Gbps) and thermal design power consumption of 285W, $999. At 24 o'clock tonight, NVIDIA will broadcast the live broadcast of Huang Renxun's Gamescom show on the official website. Interested parties can watch it.
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(2 hr ago) In July, many media reported that China's shared bicycle ofo (small yellow car) was not developing well in the United States, preparing to close most of its business, while cutting a large number of employees. Does this mean that the development of shared bicycles in the United States is weak?
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(2 hr ago) This year marks the 50th anniversary of Intel's founding. However, it is also the "falling event." For example, the position of semiconductor "one brother" (by revenue) was taken away by Samsung, and the share of CPU in desktop and server market was severely impacted by AMD. Another point is that underlying security vulnerabilities such as fuse/ghost/L1TF allow users to "quality" their products. The trust has been shaken.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Intel's eight generations of Core + Windows 10 Shenzhou network letter "upgrade winning combination" cited the Economic Times reported that in April 2017 Intel launched an artificial intelligence training program in India, the program trained 15,000 people in the first year, however due to the hot, in the past During the 16-month period, Intel trained a total of 99,000 people.
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(2 hr ago) Torvalds said he has not been exposed to the AMD platform since Opteron/K10, but is now seriously considering upgrading to the AMD system. The second generation Threadripper fits well with his work. But the 2990WX consumes 180 W+, and his main concern is the fan noise at full load.
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(3 hr ago) "CNNIC released the 42nd "Statistical Report on the Development of China's Internet Network"". As China's network coverage has expanded significantly, connection speeds have been continuously improved, and usage costs have continued to decrease, the degree of integration between the Internet and various industries has further deepened. The amount of basic resources has increased steadily, and the application of resources has maintained a growth trend. As of June 2018, the number of IPv6 addresses in China was 23,555/32, a year-on-year increase of 0.53%.
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(3 hr ago) This function can be used as a carrier-based product. It can support both iOS and Android platforms. It can realize high-definition real-time processing on current mainstream models, and can achieve the effect of thin photos and static photos. From the introduction of SenseAR facial effects stickers in 2016, to the current body shaping products, Shangtang Technology has continuously broken through the algorithm and explored the application scenarios and needs of AI+AR.
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(3 hr ago) But this move has also caused a lot of controversy. Many track and field athletes and sports fans believe that e-sports is not a real sport. It should not be awarded a medal for a person with super skills in a company's products. In any case, the Asian Games will be the largest e-sports competition so far, and will provide a reference for the project to be included in the 2024 Paris Olympics.
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(3 hr ago) As for the CPU, the ZTE AXON 9 may be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. This is Qualcomm's flagship chip this year. It is based on the latest 10nm LPP process. It uses Kryo 385 architecture, eight core design (4 large cores + 4 small cores), CPU clock speed reaches 2.8GHz, GPU is Adreno. 630, the performance is strong.
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(4 hr ago) Text / Li Zekuan But the data center is often accompanied by a large amount of heat, and its energy use density can exceed 100 times that of an ordinary office building. Preventing server overheating is a major component of data center operational costs. As a result, large companies in this space, including Facebook, Microsoft and Google, are looking for different ways to save on cooling costs.
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(4 hr ago) Microsoft introduced a new screen capture tool, Screen Sketch, in the Windows 10 Redstone 5 preview, but in the Insider preview update, Screen Sketch has been renamed Snip & Sketch.
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(4 hr ago) Cohen revealed last year that he is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. BitTorrent has been looking for lucrative business models, but its many attempts have failed.
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(4 hr ago) It is worth mentioning that the number of China Mobile's 4G customers increased by 6.498 million in the month, the total number reached 683.327 million, and the number of Unicom and Telecom 4G users did not add up. In terms of cable broadband, China Mobile's cable customers increased the number of customers by 3.07 million in the month. The total number of net customers increased by 25.456 million this year, the total number reached 1.38143 billion. The momentum of catching up with telecommunications for the boss has not weakened.
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(4 hr ago) Several Windows 10 betas released by Microsoft recently did not add much new features, and the focus was on fixing bugs. The next development of the Windows Big Update is almost complete, and Microsoft has given it the official name version 1809, which is expected to be released in September and released in October. Since the last big update, Microsoft seems to have given up on the name of the update, but instead named the update based on the year and month of the update release.
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(4 hr ago) In an interview with CNN television on Sunday, CEO CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) said in an early morning message on August 20, Beijing time, that while the abusive behavior on Twitter was sad, it was because political or social views controlled anything. Will raise further concerns about the growing power of social media companies.
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(4 hr ago) On the morning of August 20, Beijing time, the head of Amazon India had a radical idea for his employees: get off line and enjoy life. In a memo to his team this month, Agarwal (Amit Agarwal) advised colleagues not to respond to work emails or phone calls until 6pm to 8am the next day to maintain "work-life harmony."
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(5 hr ago) On August 20, according to Indian media reports, two people familiar with the matter said that Alibaba has started negotiations with Reliance Retail to form a large Indian retail joint venture, investing at least $5 billion to challenge Flipkart and Amazon's global growth. The dominant position in the fastest economy.
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(5 hr ago) Reliance Industries has a number of businesses in India, involved in energy, petrochemical, textile, natural resources, retail and telecommunications businesses. Alibaba has already made India its first major goal to enter overseas, and today it is accelerating its investment in India. In early 2018, Alibaba received a total of $200 million in online retail retailer BIgBasket. At the same time, Ant Jin invested $200 million in Zomato, a local ordering application.
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(8 hr ago) CEO Jack Dorsey explained this in an interview with CNN on Sunday. According to its disclosure, with the help of the Internet and other journalists, they were able to find evidence that Jones and his Infowars had violated company rules and subsequently imposed a ban on their numbers.
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(8 hr ago) Despite the weak domestic color TV market and the decline in profits of most color TV listed companies, the value of smart homes continues to attract new predators to prepare for cross-border entry. Huawei is one of them.
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