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(51 min ago) China and the new longitude and latitude client April 25 (Luo Kun) recently, because of ZTE suffered from the United States sanctions and an assistant's WeChat brush screen article, 79 year old Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Ni Guangnan was pushed to the news headlines of the media. His efforts to make chips and operating systems for many years are once again remembered by the world.
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(55 min ago) April 25th news, according to the Haidian court case express, ticketing companies said that where they went to the net to order tickets, where the net ticket number was wrong, where the net to really sell the ticket was fraudulent, the ticketing company appealed to the court, and demanded 102102 yuan in accordance with the three times the ticket purchase. Recently, the court of Haidian concluded the case. The court found that the fraud was not valid and dismissed the complaint from the ticketing company.
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(1 hr ago) Less than two weeks from the Build developer conference this year, Microsoft formally released the full speech conference arrangement today. At present, the Build application of mobile terminals has not been updated, but users can access these conference updates through Build 2017 applications.
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(1 hr ago) Last week, the supply chain news said that Apple would abandon the 5 - year in-cell touch screen on the 6.1 - inch iPhone this year, and switch to a hanging touch screen. But there is no more news than that, so today our old friend Guo Mingji has also published a report on the event, saying that the new touch module is actually more expensive, and in order to balance the cost, Apple may give up the 3D Touch function.
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(2 hr ago) "Today's headlines" are back, and the "byte jump" is coming. Very good, very good, these two things are worth celebrating.
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(2 hr ago) Google launched a new subscription tool in April 24th, and McClatchy is one of its first partners. With this opportunity, Google expressed its support for the regional news media. It is reported that the tool can facilitate people to subscribe to online publications, light two times the mouse, and highlight the content of the publications subscribing to the user in the search results.
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(2 hr ago) The sales volume of iPhone X has always been the data most concerned by Apple. After all, people from all walks of life are not optimistic about the performance of this flagship in 2018. There have been endless news that iPhone X sales have plummeted, prices have been cut sharply, and even production stops early.
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(2 hr ago) Today, Microsoft officially announced the Windows Server 2019 Build 17650, which is the latest preview of Windows Server vNext Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) channel.
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(2 hr ago) With the recent announcement of first-quarter results by Chinese Taiwanese companies, many analysts have found that Apple's foundries have experienced declines in performance, which may expose Apple’s performance in the first quarter. Although Apple's first quarterly earnings report was not released until May 1, Apple's revenue growth is closely related to the performance of upstream OEMs.
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(2 hr ago) The Janchor Partners is a $4 billion fund company whose value of Alibaba shares has increased several times in 2012. He said that although the company's valuation has reached $450 billion, it is just starting to tap the potential of its customers and users' data to change China's $5 trillion real retail business.
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(2 hr ago) Prior to this, everyone predicted that iPhone will usher in a "super cycle" in 2018, that is, the replacement of old models to new models. But now, the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 series seem to have not made the "super cycle" up to date, so analysts have no enthusiasm for the forecast of low iPhone sales in this quarter.
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(2 hr ago) On the afternoon of April 24th, the Haidian court heard the case. The plaintiff Youku company claims that the cost of its huge cost has been authorized to obtain the exclusive right to spread the information of the TV series involved in the case, and has also invested great manpower and material resources for the network transmission of the play. Great success has been achieved after the TV series involved in the case.
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(2 hr ago) Author: Zhou Jingjing data show that in 2017 China's integrated circuit imports up to 377 billion pieces, up 10.1%, imports of 260 billion 100 million US dollars (about 17561 billion yuan), China's imports of semiconductor chips are nearly two times that of crude oil.
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(3 hr ago) LG calls this screen "Super Bright Display" with a peak brightness of 1000 nite and a 30% reduction in power consumption than G6. In terms of color gamut, covering 100% of the DCI-P3 wide gamut standard, it can be said that it will be the most comfortable LCD screen produced by LG and even the smart phone circle.
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(3 hr ago) Nowadays, mobile payment is becoming more and more convenient. Many people go out without cash. When spending money, a sweeping sweep of the mobile phone can be solved. Go out and sweep the street, eat a sweep of the bill, WeChat pay a new fraud, some people use the software to generate payment record bus travel sweep sweep...
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(3 hr ago) Most of the people concerned with the iPhone unlocking strategy know that the iPhone unlocking device GrayKey can unlock most of the iPhone and unlock the time less than 3 days; the device is becoming more and more concerned by the police of all countries, but the GrayShift company that has developed this device has been in trouble recently.
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(3 hr ago) The US government launched an export ban on ZTE on the ground of breach of promise clause. ZTE was banned from buying US parts and software in the next seven years. According to foreign media analysis, this will not only bring great difficulties to ZTE, but also affect the global telecom industry supply chain.
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(4 hr ago) Not long ago, Amazon launched a service that couriers opened their own homes and delivered goods to their homes. This service sparked public opinion, especially whether it was safe. According to the latest news from foreign media, Amazon recently launched a new service, the courier will deliver the goods to the user's car, the consumer can open the door or trunk after authorization.
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(4 hr ago) According to Google’s Android version statistics in March, the problem of fragmentation is still serious. Android 8.0 was released for a period of one year and the overall share was less than 5%. Such a situation is of course unacceptable to Google, and they hope that more users can enjoy the features and security of the new system version.
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(4 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, South Korea's LG Display today released the latest quarterly earnings report, affected by the sharp drop in panel prices, the company for the first time in six years of operating losses. The decline in panel prices was mainly due to the influx of Chinese competitors and the sluggish sales of LCD screens.
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(4 hr ago) Amazon has recently launched a product notice page confirming that the new set top box does exist, and the product is named Fire TV Cube. However, in addition to the new product name and mailing list, the product notice page basically does not provide any more information about the new device.
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(4 hr ago) The industry has spread a lot of news that Alexander - COG (Aleksandr Kogan), the core of the Cambridge Analytica company's latest data scandal, has signed a confidentiality agreement with Facebook to promise not to abuse the privacy data of Facebook users.
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(5 hr ago) On the evening of April 24th, LeTV announced that the company's holding subsidiary Xin Le Zhi Zhijia and JD signed an intentional agreement. According to the contents of the announcement, the two parties agreed to carry out in-depth business cooperation in the areas of e-commerce, member accounts, advertising systems, logistics, voice technology, music and new product procurement, and unbounded retail, to jointly develop markets and serve users. Share customer resources and service capabilities.
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(5 hr ago) Although SK hynix’s acquisition of Toshiba’s chip division is facing challenges, the Korean chip maker is not worried. This is because SK hynix has achieved a major victory: It successfully prevented the Toshiba chip division from being taken over by a Chinese company.
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(5 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, the emerging robot startup company Marble completed a Series A round of financing, from Tencent, Lemnos, CrunchFund and Maven and other investors received a $ 10 million investment.
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(5 hr ago) △ Photo courtesy of the police B is a Haizhou native of Lianyungang. He is a cleaner in a hotel in Lianyungang city and does not live at home. On February 3, B suddenly lost contact. At 10 a.m. that day, the original B wanted to attend the son's parents' meeting, but she did not appear. The son did not answer her call and only received a text message “Let your dad go”.
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(5 hr ago) Previously, CEO Liu Zuohu also disclosed a lot of new product information on personal microblogs. In his long microblog, he mentioned one plus one's thinking on products, saying that products need to provide users with a “no burden” experience, one plus one. By insisting on adopting the top flagship configuration and the unique training of the “fast stabilization” software team, we strive to provide users with more efficient, easier and freer use experience.
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(6 hr ago) ZTE and the U.S. Department of Commerce reached a settlement agreement in March 2017. The U.S. government previously believed that ZTE violated a U.S. ban between 2010 and 2016 by exporting communications equipment to Iran and North Korea and concealing these transactions through shell companies.
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(6 hr ago) "in the next five years, Nissan will launch 20 electric models into the Chinese market, covering Nissan, Qichen, Infiniti and Dongfeng brands. Nissan will become the leading electric vehicle brand in China. "Jose Munoz, Nissan's chief performance officer and chairman of Nissan's China governing Council, said.
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(6 hr ago) Recently, both iQiyi and B stations listed on the US stock market have lost money year after year, and they fell below the issue price on the day of listing. Alibaba Entertainment’s substantial loss also comes mainly from Youku Tudou; Tencent’s Vice President Sun Zhonghuai recently stated that the Internet video industry’s losses will not improve in the short term.
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