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(14 day ago) 外媒Intercept给出了一条这样的报道,引得国内用户广泛关注,谷歌计划在国内推出符合中国法律规定的搜索引擎,最终版本会在6个月后上线,事实真是这样吗?
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(15 day ago) Last weekend, China's electrical appliance manufacturer Skyworth asked for a lot of counterfeit Skyworth products, and reserved the right to file a lawsuit against the matter. On July 19th, American diaper maker Daddy’s Choice filed a lawsuit in New York, accusing the company of deliberately allowing the sale of counterfeit Daddy’s Choice products.
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(2 hr ago) Compared with the Cortex-A73 released in 2016, the ARM team will achieve nearly 2.5 times performance improvement in four years. It is planned to introduce the processor design codenamed Deimos in 2019 and the processor design of Hercules in the 2020s. .
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(2 hr ago) In fact, Sony often boasted of sales, while competitors Oculus and HTC remained largely silent on this issue, indicating that PSVR has a lot of success. This may be because it only requires PS4 consoles, not expensive PCs like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
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(2 hr ago) The ASUS Zephyrus S also has a $2,000 version, the graphics card is a GTX 1060 chip, and the solid state drive is replaced by a 1TB mechanical hard drive. There are not many aesthetic changes compared to the original Zephyrus and the subsequent Zephyrus M.
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(4 hr ago) In addition to working at 25% lower temperatures than previous generations, 3NX includes a patented RM / FD switching feature that allows users to configure devices as removable media or fixed disks. Combined with the 3NX embedded keyboard, 3NX compatible embedded systems can only identify removable media storage devices, the company said, this product is designed for large-scale enterprise deployment, Aegis Secure Key 3NX has the same comprehensive features as Secure Key 3Z...
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(4 hr ago) The patent shows what looks like a traditional smartphone, but it can work like a flip-flop phone by bending inward through a built-in hinge and a flexible display. Samsung has a bending sensor that detects how the device is held and how much it is bent to determine whether the display should remain active, and so on.
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(6 hr ago) ARM claims that the A76 core has notebook-level performance, single-threaded performance comparable to Intel's low-voltage mobile version of the i5-7300U, and power consumption at 3.3GHz is less than 5W, Intel's is 3.5GHz Ruifan acceleration, thermal design power consumption 15W.
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(6 hr ago) While developing drivers for Surface devices, the Microsoft Devices team developed this framework for internal use. Microsoft now releases it as open source to help other OEMs develop and maintain high quality drivers with the highest efficiency and maintainability.
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(6 hr ago) On the evening of August 15, Tencent Holdings Limited (00700.HK) announced its unaudited second and medium-term results as of June 30, 2018. In the second quarter of 2018, Tencent's total revenue was 73 billion 675 million yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period last year. The company's equity holders should earn 17 billion 867 million yuan, down 2% from a year ago.
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(7 hr ago) Half a century ago, Japanese director Kurosawa filmed a film called "Luo Sheng men". The film tells about a seemingly simple homicide, but because the entire incident can not be restored to the scene, everyone out of selfishness, the narrative of the experience is actually more conducive to their own, so no one's words are completely authentic.
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(7 hr ago) On August 16, IKEA and Wechat jointly announced in Shanghai that the world's first commercial widget for IKEA's cooperation with Wechat will be officially launched on August 27. IKEA IKEA Flash Shop will be sold as a POP UP STORE concept kit on a regular basis over the next nine months.
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(7 hr ago) According to Taiwan's Economic Daily, Apple's second-generation iPhone X and the widely anticipated 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus will join Apple Pencil support.
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(7 hr ago) The problem of blackmail software executes and encrypts system files on PC. Then a message is displayed on the home screen, which claims that the user violated federal law and downloaded illegal content. Because the message uses the FBI logo, users may be intimidated to pay a "fine" to regain access to their PC.
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(8 hr ago) I don't know when it started, the domestic technology Internet circle has also a wave of debut, from Ma Yun's own film to Zhang Chaoyang starred in "Pancake Man", from Lei Jun guest micro film "Wind" to Luo Yonghao self-directed self-produced short film "Pony ", one by one, playing well.
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(8 hr ago) In recent years, consumer robots have developed rapidly, especially sweeping robots, which seem to have begun to become civilian. What is the penetration rate of the sweeping robot market? China's penetration rate is only 3%; for highly industrialized countries like the United States, the penetration rate of sweeping robots is only 11%.
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(8 hr ago) Access: Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1000 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available Related articles: Independent research and development of domestic browser kernel Red core announced that 250 million financing shells Chrome's red core browser has received millions of government and state-owned enterprise orders red core browser Allegedly responded using the Google kernel:
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(8 hr ago) Valve was found to be developing a set of "compatibility tools" that allow at least some Windows games to run on Linux-based SteamOS operating systems.
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(9 hr ago) Compared with the previous generation of Galaxy Note 8's 3,300 mAh battery, Galaxy Note 9's endurance test scores improved significantly (Galaxy Note 8's endurance test scores were 7 hours and 50 minutes).
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(9 hr ago) According to the page, Nokia 6.1 Plus has a total of TA-1116, TA-1103, TA-1083 three models through the certification, it seems that will soon be on the international market. In addition, HMD has already announced that it will hold a press conference in India on August 21, when Nokia may be 6.1 Plus.
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(10 hr ago) Yesterday, Tencent hosted an online launch of "Wave Planet" app (boodo), announcing that QQ animation will be upgraded to "Wave Planet", which is positioned as a secondary content community platform. At present, boodo has not been formally launched, but AI fan has downloaded the beta version. First, let's take a look. What's in boodo?
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(10 hr ago) From the picture, the machine is equipped with a high-pass 660 chip, 6GB memory, pre-installed Android 8.0 system, single-core running is divided into 853, multi-core running is divided into 4172, is the standard mid-end model configuration. Combined with the parameters of the machine, foreign media speculated that the machine should be Sony's middle-end model: Xperia XA3, will also use 18:9 scale screen.
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(10 hr ago) In addition to retaining the QWERTY keyboard, the blue BlackBerry KEY2 LE appears in the leaked renderings, but the blue is not sky blue or lake blue, but similar to the Kinda Blue color in the Google Pixel model, although the color is not very young, considering it's a BlackBerry, even if the subtle color changes It may also be seen as radical and revolutionary.
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(11 hr ago) According to the latest news, domestic regulators have frozen the approval of online game versions and filings, and China, as the world's largest game market, has seen a sudden upsurge. Affected by this news, the game company's stock fell. Nexon was down 11%, the biggest decline since August 2016; capcon was down 6.7%; Nintendo was down 3.1%; Bloomberg data showed that 45% of Nexon's revenue came from Tencent.
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(11 hr ago) More than a dozen stall owners around have reflected their own two-dimensional code being transferred. Police investigation found that two men steal the two-dimensional code on the night. At present, two people have been arrested. Alipay official micro forwarding said, "the loss of the package was paid by Bora to compensate, thanks to the police uncle to catch the two thieves!" In the video, the owner of the code damaged business is calling the customer service hotline 95188. Alipay's "you dare to accept, I dare to pay" plan can compensate you for the loss caused by the two-dimensional code being lost.
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(11 hr ago) Tencent reported mid-term results on August 15, with a net profit of 17.9 billion yuan in the second quarter of 2018 and a forecast of 19.3 billion yuan. Among them, Tencent game revenue has dropped sharply. In the question and answer session, Tencent said that the current regulatory suspension of mobile game licenses, Tencent has a lot of games waiting for permission on the way.
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(11 hr ago) With the development of in-depth learning in computer vision, natural language processing and other fields, more and more discussions have been made on in-depth learning. As the most popular topic of the moment, in just three years from 2015 to now, foreign giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, millet and other domestic enterprises have launched a series of open source frameworks around in-depth learning.
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(11 hr ago) Google was also exposed to privacy and security issues. The problem affects about 2 billion Android users and hundreds of millions of iPhone users worldwide who rely on Google for map searches.
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(12 hr ago) NASA says the SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever, with four RS-25 engines providing up to 2 million pounds of thrust and two solid rocket boosters providing up to 8 million pounds of thrust. In addition to the new engine, NASA is testing a new controller for actual spacecraft flight, also known as the engine brain, which will automatically adjust engine power.
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(12 hr ago) Access: Intel Eight-Generation Core Windows 10 's "upgraded winning combination" such as the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability at the beginning of the year has developed a more diverse set of speculated execution channel attack variants, Xeon has also been affected.
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