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(4 day ago) Technology Daily reported on June 19 that “China’s super high-speed rail will adopt the technology of “high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation + vacuum tube” technology, and it has already begun to explore the feasibility of a speed of 1,500 kilometers per hour.
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(17 day ago) On Monday, Microsoft agreed to buy GitHub code hosting platform for $7 billion 500 million. But Microsoft is not the only company to try to buy GitHub. In recent weeks, Google representatives also discussed acquisitions with GitHub, according to people familiar with the matter.
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(30 min ago) The emergence of the Internet has transformed the popular science carriers, audiences, and authors in various ways. The demand for popular science has changed from "what can you give" to "what I want?"
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(31 min ago) This subscription is known as the Java SE Subscription, provides commercial licensing for new programs for mission-critical Java deployments, and features such as the advanced Java Administration Console. In addition, Oracle Premier provides support in both current and previous versions of Java SE, and both Java SE 8 and Java SE 7 are supported.
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(31 min ago) From the perspective of different sales platforms, the third-party payment system of the third-party payment this week was an average of 4.07% annualized rate of return, which remained at 4% or more. The bank’s baby, baby system, and fund-based baby’s average annual yield on the 7th day They were 3.96%, 3.86%, and 3.81%, respectively, and ranked second, third, and fourth.
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(31 min ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official website As for iOS, the performance of Edge is not too bad, currently it ranks ninth in the App Store Utilities category download list.
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(1 hr ago) Perhaps more concerned with tech news would be to think of the tiny computers IBM demonstrated in March this year, with nearly a thousand transistors built in, which can be used as data sources for blockchain campaigns. Its manufacturing cost is less than 0.1 US dollars, and IBM compared it with mineral salt at the time, which indicates the mini level.
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(1 hr ago) According to SoftPedia, in March, Microsoft released the monthly patch KB4088875 Win7. Starting from this patch, PC computers that do not support the SSE2 instruction set begin to experience update errors. SSE2 is Streaming SIMD Extensions 2, which is the Streaming SIMD Extensions.
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(1 hr ago) Recently, Silicon Valley is facing a series of scandals and a gradual tightening of regulation. Under such circumstances, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer warned Facebook and Google not to repeat Microsoft's mistakes.
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(1 hr ago) Titanium Media Note: On June 21, Harvard Business Review released an article discussing what Western companies need to be aware of in their cooperation with Chinese and Indian startups and what strategies should be adopted. The original title was What Western Companies Need to Know About Partnering with Startups in India and China...
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(1 hr ago) Clearly, Qualcomm has also long noticed this. Roland Quandt, a well-known informer and WinFuture stationmaster, gave further information on the "Dragon 1000" on the 22nd - "Jilong 950" and "Dragon 1000" were the first to sneak at the beginning of the month, although Qualcomm may not be commercially available in the future. Take a similar name, but the point of view of the chip itself is our most concern, because Quandt stressed that this is Qualcomm processor for Win10 PC...
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(2 hr ago) On the contrary, in early 2015, China had 4.38 million new companies, and in 2016 it was 5.511.5 million, which continued to grow at a 2-digit rate. The number of Chinese unicorn enterprises with a market value of US$1 billion and the number of beast enterprises with a market value of US$10 billion are also increasing.
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(2 hr ago) The report said that when Wu Simi was presenting live in the fashion store, she sent an invitation to the Chinese audience on the other side of the globe. She said that she would give discounts to those who could correctly say the brand of retro belt they wore. In a matter of seconds, one in 1,600 online viewers came up with the answer – the green suede belt with a gold horsebit is a Gucci product from the 1970s. It costs US$198 and Wu Simi gives The shopping spectator who answered the right hit a 5% discount and set the belt aside for delivery.
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(2 hr ago) In retrospect, from the initial optimistic valuation of $200 billion to $100 billion, and in the middle of the 84 requests from the Securities Regulatory Commission, they were forced to withdraw their CDR applications. Until Xiaomi’s Hong Kong IPO roadshow, Lei Jun was rather dissatisfied, “it’s not even worth US$55 billion. Value?” complained.
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(2 hr ago) The former Microsoft CEO warned Facebook and Google of the risks to challenge regulators and advised them not to follow Microsoft's lead. In the 2001 case, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates's testimony was widely described as "vague and ineffectual," and Mark Zuckerberg, now chief executive of Facebook, is facing similar accusations.
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(3 hr ago) Access: Apple online Store (China) but Matthew Hickey, co-founder of cyber security firm Hacker House, has found a way to bypass the iPhone's security mechanism, even if the iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.
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(9 hr ago) Google released a new camera product that automatically captures interesting moments in life last year: Google Clips Cameras, Google Clips was designed to follow three important principles: Google wants all calculations done on the camera side.
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(13 hr ago) Visit: the new way of agricultural production of the Ali cloud server, with the continuous growth of the world population and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are getting more and more in need of high quality, safe and pollution-free food. But arable land and water resources are precious and limited, the burden of land is heavier and heavier, and the contradiction between population explosion and food shortage will become more acute.
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(13 hr ago) Elon Musk, SpaceX's chief executive, recently shared a new photo of a manned Dragon spacecraft on Twitter and Instagram.
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(14 hr ago) Millet, a Chinese smartphone maker, has just decided to reward the company founder and chief executive, Lei Jun, worth about $1 billion 500 million, which is the largest executive bonus in history.
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(14 hr ago) News of the new Beijing News (reporter Yang Lizhaowei) "ten years in the next ten years, millet company's IOT (Internet of things) business is expected to reach 40%-50%," June 23rd, millet company chairman and CEO Lei Jun in Hongkong millet prospectus meeting, in the end is the millet is Hard Suits Inc or Internet Co questions, he said, "not entangled millet Is it a Internet Co or Hard Suits Inc? We are a unique company.
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(14 hr ago) Tencent technology news, according to foreign media reports in June 23rd, with the AirPower wireless charging base may be listed in September this year, Bloomberg famous science and technology reporter Mark Gurman also said that Apple has considered the complete abolition of the iPhone X cable charging function.
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(14 hr ago) Editor's note: This article is from WeChat public number "ID:QbitAI", author Guo Yipu. 36 krypton is authorized to be reproduced. "The original title" also dare to blow the "no PS" marks? Be careful with Adobe's official AI.
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(14 hr ago) Can "thousand" be able to resplendence? Today, let's talk about TT Player and music player together. A lot of friends like listening to the songs of TT Player's rise. Now listening to music only needs to open web pages or software applications and play online directly.
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(14 hr ago) In June 23rd, millet held a global sale news conference at the Four Seasons Hotels in Hongkong. Millet founder Lei Jun, founder and President Lin Bin, co founder Li Wanqiang, Hong Feng, Liu De, Wang Chuan and CFO weeks received the attendance of the seven executives, Lei Jun delivered a speech, and with several executives in the scene to answer the Chinese and foreign. Media questions.
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(14 hr ago) The ability to connect includes 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS / A-GPS, NFC, USB Type-C and 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. This mobile phone is equipped with Pen Pen 2.1 stylus and can be used in conjunction with UX functions such as the screen memo.
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(15 hr ago) Visit: the apple online store (China) BGR obtained the following rendering from the producer Ghostek, which looks like the iPhone X at first glance, and the full screen and the bangs still exist. BGR claimed that the news of Apple's iPhone X Plus program has confirmed that the rendering is accurate.
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(16 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's China official mall has also brought some bug repair and improvement to Microsoft store applications. As we mentioned, this update brings a wish list page to Microsoft store. The wish list is a convenient tool to help you track all the data you want to get from Microsoft Store.
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(17 hr ago) The new device is made of plastic based on a smaller 11.6 inch shape. The shape design is very thin. This is also an upgraded version of ASUS C213, the predecessor of similar devices. It is noteworthy that the machine also arranges USB-C port and full size USB port, microSD card slot and headphone jack on the side of the device.
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(17 hr ago) Intel's uncertainty division joined Intel in 1982, became a COO in 2012, and became a CEO in 2013, and entered the board of directors to hold Intel for five years. The reason for the resignation is that he has a close relationship with a Intel employee (Consensual Relationship), which is contrary to the "non-fraternization policy" policy (non-fraternization Policy) that Intel applies to all management.
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