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(3 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows in Intel, Microsoft said that in November 2019, it will update and support the 10th generation core processor and Xeon e-22xx. Although the specific models of Celeron and Pentium are not listed, atom j4xxx / j5xxx and n4xxx / n5xxx, Celeron and Pentium are also supported.
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(5 hr ago) What's more surprising is that the fingerprint identification security vulnerability is too simple. After using the silica gel protection shell, the fingerprint identification will be disordered. If there is no fingerprint registered on this machine, the mobile phone can also be unlocked, so there is no security to speak of. Samsung officials also confirmed the problem, but have yet to explain in detail how the flaw occurred.
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(6 hr ago) After this upgrade, four new items have been added to the WeChat outer chain rules, including: no illegal use of user avatars; no inducement, misleading download / jump; no illegal activities such as friend help, acceleration, price reduction, task collection, etc.
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(6 hr ago) Liu zuohu said that the Indian market will become the second headquarters of Canada, establishing a complete system of R & D, sales and service. One plus also plans to invest 1 billion yuan to establish one plus the world's largest R & D center in India. As for the 5g that domestic manufacturers are competing for, Liu zuohu thinks the time is not yet right.
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(6 hr ago) Compared with Core i9 ≤ 9900K, Core i9-9900KS appears to be only a core frequency increase, but this processor is obviously optimized, TH test obviously its overfrequency power consumption is lower than Core i9 ≤ 9900K, and overfrequency performance is also very good, can be on 5.2 GHz, than Core i9 ≤ 9900K are stronger.
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(7 hr ago) Academician Wu Hequan said that it was unnecessary to worry about the radiation of 5g mobile base station. "5g base stations are more dense, with lower transmission power per base station, and higher transmission loss due to high frequency." In addition, Wu Hequan also said that the radiation standard of China's mobile communication base station is the strictest in the world when it is listed on the market. The radiation standard of China's mobile communication base station is 40 microwatts per square centimeter, while that of the United States and Japan is 600 microwatts per square centimeter, and that of the European Union is 450 microwatts per square centimeter.
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(8 hr ago) The image comes from the live picture of NASA TV. Visit the live website: https://youtu This historic event happened seven months after the original target date. Because the international space station (ISS) lacks the medium-sized space suit needed by one of the two women, it has to postpone the attempt.
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(10 hr ago) As early as July 29 this year, Google announced the motion sense function of pixel 4 on its blog.
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(10 hr ago) Today, Microsoft has released a new patch numbered kb4497165, integrating the latest Intel microcode update, supporting the Haswell four generation core family released in 2013, as well as a number of low-power Pentium, Celeron and mobile platforms.
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(10 hr ago) The specific design of Tremont architecture has not been published yet, but it is used in atom product line. The three key indicators given by the official are: St single core performance improvement, network service performance and battery life performance, of which st single core performance is a key point. It was previously reported that Tremont will add L3 cache, which can improve CPU performance and memory performance.
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(11 hr ago) According to the latest 5g data released in August by the global association of Mobile Suppliers (GSA), a multi trillion scale emerging industry, 5g network will be officially commercialized. At present, 296 operators in 100 countries have obtained licenses to conduct field tests or are starting, demonstrating and testing 5g technology.
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(11 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China official Mall-Windows has an old bird trying "shutdown / s" and "shutdown / s / f" commands, or not responding. Jason of the Windows Insider team says there are still similar shutdown and restart problems in the preview version of Build 19002 pushed today, but there are already solutions, and users who encounter them can try the following ways to solve them:
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(11 hr ago) The Qualcomm sm7250 processor is an 8-core architecture, with one A76 at 2.36ghz, one A76 at 2.32ghz, and six A55 small cores at 1.73ghz. It integrates the core of the Adreno 620 GPU.
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(11 hr ago) According to reports, the SACCS strategic automation command and control system of the United States military is related to the nuclear missile launch system of the United States. The system is based on IBM's IBM Series / 1 computer in the 1970s. It has been in use for more than 40 years and is still using 8-inch floppy drives, which have always been used by field forces to send emergency action messages at a critical time.
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(11 hr ago) According to Beijing Star glory Space Technology Co., Ltd., the company's first domestic liquid oxygen methane powered reusable launch vehicle, hyperbola II, was unveiled at the 2019 Zhongguancun forum "ZhongGuanCun international cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements exhibition". The rocket is scheduled to launch on orbit for the first time in 2021.
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(12 hr ago) The research team of Northwestern University has developed a new 3D printer with great future. The printer is much larger than the existing one on the market, and the printing speed is much faster - it can print adult sized objects in a few hours.
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(12 hr ago) [TechWeb] on October 18, at the 2019 Global Summit on the Industrial Internet, Tencent Cloud's president, Qiu Yuepeng, delivered a speech on the theme "activating the new momentum of the real economy and building an industrial Internet highway." looking at the industrial Internet from the perspective of an Internet person.
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(13 hr ago) 8848's launch is different from other brands. It starts with an elegant performance, which sets the tone of the entire launch and even the product. This year is the fifth year of 8848 mobile phones. Zhou Jia, President of 8848 titanium mobile phones, said that today's conference will not only launch new products, but also talk about the strategy of 8848 titanium mobile phones in 5g era.
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(13 hr ago) This function needs to search "wechat account book" applet in wechat search. Wechat bookkeeping book supports automatic synchronization of official wechat payment bills, without manual input, and synchronization of multiple consumption with one key. It can also identify picture bills without manual input. It also supports data statistics, expenditure trend statistics, Bill comprehensive analysis and other functions to help users master their consumption.
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(13 hr ago) It is reported that the wechat search "wechat account book" applet supports automatic synchronization of official wechat payment bills, without manual input, and multiple consumption one click synchronization. After entering wechat bookkeeping book and enabling automatic synchronization of wechat payment bills, wechat payment bills of nearly 6 months can be imported, and new transaction records can be automatically synchronized to bookkeeping book.
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(14 hr ago) Optimize the game mouse, improve the accuracy of game perspective conversion for "Game exclusive edition". Sunflower windows x.2.1 improves PC users' mouse control and perspective conversion in remote games, precisely adapts to the angle of view switching of game, and brings more comfortable and smooth game experience.
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(14 hr ago) Interview: Huawei Mall Huawei Mate 30 uses a 6.62-inch OLED full screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080. A new generation of Kirin 990 flagship chip is adopted and 7nm process is adopted. Built-in 4200mAh battery, support 27W wireless super fast charging.
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(15 hr ago) Recently, the official micro blog of Xiaomi mix, which has been silent for many days, suddenly made a sound, indicating that the password of the official micro blog has been found. In this regard, we all think that there will be new actions in the millet mix series. The biggest possibility is the mobile phone situation of the millet mix 4 that has not been informed.
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(15 hr ago) It is reported that when a computer with Realtek Wi Fi chip is in the radio range of a malicious device, the vulnerability will trigger a buffer overflow problem in the Linux kernel. The flaw not only causes the operating system to crash, but also allows hackers to take full control of the computer.
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(15 hr ago) According to the report, with the help of the artificial intelligence designed by IBM, the new Mayflower can skillfully avoid the sea obstacles and complete the journey from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts without any artificial intervention. The new Mayflower will be equipped with solar panels on the top of the ship, which will rely on solar and wind power, and emergency diesel backup generators.
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(15 hr ago) Visit:Windows, Microsoft's official Chinese mall, today's cumulative update for the Release Preview channel is KB4522355, which is now available to RP users of 19H1 and 19H2 branches.
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(15 hr ago) Strictly speaking, Windows 10 doesn't have a "naked run ", because the own Defender Security Center is becoming more and more powerful.
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(15 hr ago) [TechWeb] Huawei's first folding screen phone, Huawei Mate X, has received countless applause and attention around the world as early as the MWC2019 show earlier this year.
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(15 hr ago) Six months after the accident, Parker was discouraged and even thought of suicide. But with the help of family and friends, Parker finally cheered up and boarded three rounds of 70cc motorcycles, and later set a record at the 80cc level.
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(15 hr ago) Visit: in the support document of cumulative update kb4520062, Microsoft explained: "Microsoft defender advanced thread protection (ATP) service may stop running and may not be able to send report data.
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